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Tren/Libido/PCT/TRT ADVICE???

i say just stay on tren
run it weekly instead of HRT
see how you do. track your blood work and everything and make sure you are okay
get a log up and going of your experience
i'm 100% against using tren for this situation
BUT if you are going to do it at least let us guide you. Get a log Journal going and update us of your progress and keep track of things
I would be tracking everything having to do with your heart health

also your liver health will be important to. Tren affects all your organs including your kidneys too
there is also a lot of evidence that Tren will mess up your stomach. It is extremely inflammatory in the body and can even cause issues with the brain

so if you do decide to stay on it get a log going so we can keep track of your health

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this would be one of the most exciting logs ever if you actually track your progress doing tren for trt
hey man if you want to be a guinea pig and stay on Tren that's your business. But at least let us guide you and so we can keep you safe
a log Journal where you track everything for us would be fantastic. You can get the blood work done and post it on here and you can keep track of your lipid health and keep us abreast of the situation
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