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So I would I'm pretty active. I (try) to run 3 miles a day. I (try) to go to crossfit 3x a week. Some weeks are better than others. I (try) to watch what I eat but let's face it, we're human.

Here's the thing... I have a gut ( I like to call it my inner tube around my waist) and my thighs are huge.

I've heard around the rumor mill that steriods might help with my trouble areas.

I'm not trying to get skinny. I'm not worried about my "weight" I'm worried about how I look naked (yes, I went there)

I just wanna lean out... I wanna drop 20lbs of FAT

I'm assuming that most of you know what you're talking about. Help a girl out :)
Stop trying, start doing, don't even think about gear. 3 miles a day, and 3x a week xfit should be more than enough to drop that " tire tube" your diet needs work. Post your diet for critique

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Log everything. Allow one 4 hour cheat window a week. Increase load progressively.

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Steroids arent the answer to fatloss, nutrition is. Clean up your diet and if its clean the your likely deficient in nutrients for optimal health. I dont care what anyone says, its impossible to get what we need from food alone.
Ever see "Empire Strikes Back?"

Do or do not, there is no try.

Stop looking for a miracle quick fix.
steroids really do not cut fat. even if you look up steroid charts online you will see that. steroids are mass builders, the fact you are a female and don't have your diet in check is a red flag that you most certainly should NOT mess with these very serious male hormones. the consequences could be disastrous for you!
if you ask ANY of our vet/mod females on here they would not approve of you wanting a quick fix like steroids.

I would be happy to help you with your diet, just give me a PM. also I can suggest some supplements to aid in appetite suppression. forged burner from NTBM is a safe one for example
You guys are thinking that I'm looking for a quick fix or that my diet is poor...

I'm 75% paleo and I eat pretty clean.

I've done some research into Anavar and it seems like majority of female athletes use that one
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