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  1. C

    Best thing for a crossfit recomper

    I’m looking to get an edge with crossfit and do a recomp My current cycle is gonna be epic and i wanted to hear your opinions Tren ace 150mgs per week Mast E 300mgs per week Test E 250mgs per week I’m 6’1’’ 210 pounds and 15% body fat. I’m 44 years old Goal is to burn body fat while gaining...
  2. K

    Lgd4033 and sr9009 stack

    I’m interested in trying an lgd4033 and sr9009 stack together this time Its gonna be for someone who is new to crossfit Heard some good things about these 2 from guys there who don’t want to use gw cause of the cancer risk They say to dose 20mgs lgd and 30mgs sr but split up the dose What is...
  3. J

    Alternating fitness goals?

    I'm seeing a new trend now on social media with guys trying different things that they never tried before. an example for me would be to try CrossFit for a month. and then do a month at a gym. then switch to maybe yoga for a month. then switch to a running group for a month. do you think there's...
  4. T

    Back to back sarms cycles

    I have a couple of competitions with Crossfit that I will be competing in over the next year. I want to make sure that I am at Peak around competition time but I also want to do this to Safe way. My first competition is in December and my next one is in March. Should I run my sarm cycle in...
  5. V

    Best diet for CrossFit athlete

    I haven't seen a thread about how to eat when you are doing CrossFit so I thought I'd put one up to see what kind of advice you guys have for me. I did CrossFit last week and two of the days I ended up throwing up afterwards. I'm pretty sure my diet isn't good enough so I don't need to get it...
  6. T

    New User with Question

    Hey Guys This is my first post on this site so please bare with me as this is a bit long and hopefully my questions arent too stupid.I didnt know which section to put this is but because I ask about PED's at the bottom I decided to put it here. A bit about me Im a 36 year old guy and have...
  7. C

    Advice needed for beginner cycle for crossfit

    Hi all, long time lurker first time poster. I'm just hoping to get some advice on doing a beginner cycle for crossfit as I would like to take my training to the next level. I train on average 6 times a week, sometimes twice a day. I do crossfit out of enjoyment and would just like to become...
  8. B

    Crossfit training

    Hey guys, Just wondering what kind of AAS cycle people would recommend for female doing competitive crossfit. Tried winstrol for 3 weeks...dried out my joints completley couldnt train. Diet is whistle clean, looking for strength gains more than anything. Any help. 29 years old.
  9. V

    I do crossfit

    So I would I'm pretty active. I (try) to run 3 miles a day. I (try) to go to crossfit 3x a week. Some weeks are better than others. I (try) to watch what I eat but let's face it, we're human. Here's the thing... I have a gut ( I like to call it my inner tube around my waist) and my thighs are...
  10. G

    Equipoise- Crossfit Beginner Cycle

    I want to do a cycle of Equipoise (veterinary use) ... Not sure if I should combined with Testosterone. I'm not sure what PCT to use ... Currently I do crossfit and do weight training on the days I need to work something that does not work in my day to do crossfit. My goal is to add weight and...
  11. B

    New guy asking for second opinion!

    Hello, First of all it's nice to find the site like this where people are willing to share info's and help each other. I'm 40 years old, 175cm and 76-77 kg....ex forces and now for a couple of years an avid Crossfiter. Problem is that I'm too light for some serious competition...tried to compete...
  12. C

    Taking anavar...good idea or bad idea???

    Hi, I'm new to this forum...but thought this would be a good place to start. I'm considering taking anavar for the first time and was hoping to get some feed back. I know several men that have taken it with great results and no side effects, but I don't know any women who have tried it. I'm...
  13. lil-swole

    Advice for 2nd Cycle (Test P + Anavar)

    This will be my second cycle (first cycle was over 5 years ago). I'm 26 yo, 5 foot 6 inches tall, 175 pounds, and 10.5% BF (measured in a lab a few days ago so it is accurate). I got my blood taken and hormone labs ordered a few days ago also, so I'll know where all my baseline levels are when I...
  14. bigmann245

    I have to ask your thoughts on CrossFit

    I know its been asked but what are your thoughts on this type of workout? I have female friends that are wanting to lose weight but so far all they gained was muscle and its not what they want. They wont listen to me but am I wrong? Please set me straight if i am wrong.
  15. J

    Performance Stack Log

    Ok, I got some advice last week on an "OTC" stack. "Natural" might be a reach but here is what I put together. I will start the stack monday and it looks like this... Phtyoserms-347 1AM/1PM Gw-50 (unique)-5mgAM/5mgPM for my rats Creatine HCL 1500mg AM with Shake Beta Alanine 1500mg AM/1500mg...
  16. B

    First post about second ever cycle.

    Hey guys, I am new to the forum however have been reading for quite some time now. Just started my second ever cycle and was wondering if I can get some input from your guys. 26yr old Training on and off for around 8 years. Solid now for 2yrs 6ft 2in tall Weight fluctuates between 97-102kg...
  17. G

    so how would you take EPO to be safe?

    i am currently taking my second cycle. . i am 43 6'1'' and 195. i train mma and crossfit/gym jones type workouts. i after much research i am going with this. currently i am taking 500mg test E /week 400mg EQ/week 50mg proviron 3iu hgh/day for next 6 months i have some epo on hand and would...
  18. deco

    holly cow my test results aren't looking too good

    Went to get my blood work done and everything looks good except for the most important stuff right below. Testosterone Serum seems really really low for someone that's 28 years old. Free test seems a bit under also I believe. Component Results Component Your Value Standard Range Units...
  19. J

    HGH use for Endurance/Crossfit athletes

    Im looking for some dosing info for HGH or Gear that would improve performance in crossfit/endurance training/cross country hiking with heavy loads..... I used to body build and did 3 cycles of gear mostly sus/deca... all that did was make me really strong/bulky with crappy cardio. I have...
  20. B


    Hi there looking for some advice really, Reading through the Internet I can't really seem to get a good answer just scanning through.... A little bit of background information I'm 22 years old I weigh 210lbs (95kg) Bodyfat is 11% Height 6ft 1 I have about 24 weeks until a competition and am...
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