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Holmes' Log '07

Ill keep that in mind once I stall out, thanks! It does seem to be a motion that is hard to add pounds too. I will try and jump 5 pounds a week, but it will probably be 5 every 2 weeks. It took me two working days to get 80lbx5, and I will lift it once more before increasing to 85. Probably get 3 reps the first time I try.
Pullups BW 6,6,6
DL45x8 655x, 95x5, 115x5, 135x5, 160x5 *PR* , 225x1 *PR*
Naut row 90x5, 140x5, 160x5, 180x5, 200x5
1 arm pulldown, supinated 30x5, 50x5, 75x5, 30x12
curls 20lb DB 8, 8, 6
Rotator Cuff 2lb 12, 12, 12

Squat form wasn't tight on 225. Used too much torso and not enough leg at first. I know I can do it though. I just had to hit those plates. :chomp: Im working Lats this month, gonna see if I can get closer to a 1 arm pullup. If I add 40lbs to my max 1 arm pulldown I should have 1 arm pullups. It feels great to be stronger than I ever have been before.
Had some turbulence in my scheduling this week with my brother coming in for a few days and getting two new puppies. Puppies are taking a HUGE amount of time, because they are German Shepherd and I cant afford to have ill behaved dogs.

I dropped some lifts down a few pounds to make sure my form was correct. The time off coupled with a bad diet made me feel weak too.

Monday 5-7-07:

Bench 45x10, 65x5, 95x5, 115x5, 135x5
Squat 45x6, 65x5, 95x5, 115x5, 145x5
OHP 45x5, 55x5, 65x5, 70x5, 80x3
Naut tri 70lbx12,10,10
Decline Abs 3x10

Tuesday 5-8-07

Pullup BW x3,5, BW+5 x3, BW+10 x3, BW+15 x3, BW+25 x3
Good morning 45x10, 55x15,15
Decline situps, ab ball
Naut Row 90x10, 140x5, 160x5, 180x5, 200x5
1 arm pulldown 30x5, 50x5, 75x6, 30x12
Rotators 2lb 15,15,12
I fuggin lost a pound. :( BW 143 in shoes and clothes and all.

Time to get my diet back in check and start gaining again. My new puppies kinda messed with my schedule. I cant believe I lost weight. Last three days of lifting were good though, updates later tonight.
My girl said something similar. lol

5-10-07 Push day

eliptical 10min max HR 185 didnt feel too hard, mostly stayed around 150
front squat 45x8, 65x5, 95x5
Back squat 115x5, 155x5
Bench 45x8, 65x5, 95x5, 115x5, 140x5
OHP 45x5, 55x5, 65x5, 70x5, 80x5
DB press 50'sx5; 45'sx8,8; 20'sx 10,10 Slight incline
Decline Needsize abs
Reverse Hypers till fatigue

The volume felt better, I think the warmup helped.
5-11-07 Pull day

Pullup 5,3,3,3,4 - BW,+5lb,+10,+15,+30lb
DL 45x5, 65x5, 115x5, 135x5, 155x5
Naut row 90x10, 140x5, 160x5, 180x5, 200x5
1 arm pulldown 30x5, 50x5, 75x5, 30x12
RC external rotation 2lb 12,12,12

I really liked the low rep work mixed with high rep work. I feel that I could actually get one arm pullups within a year of work or less, if I can ride the line of weight gain and strength gain. I should be within 45lbs of the motion. The rotator cuff work has really helped everything.
5-15-07 Push day
143lb BW Lost a pound. Not the direction I want to see right now.

Squat 5x5 65lb,95,115,135,165*PR
Bench 45lbx8 4x5 65,95,115,140
OHP 5x5 45,55,65,70,80 2x12x45lb
Chest fly machine 50lbx10 2x10x70lb
Tri extension 3x12x70lb
Core work, 10bw pushups

Mixed up the ancillary a bit. Still dont feel the long head of the tri contract except on the last few reps on the extension machine (near cramping). Very strange how I dont feel the connection, although I can see it work during OHP in the mirror. Volume felt great today. I think the extra work will help me increase my strength much faster, cause it certainly isnt hurting any more than normal. Just gotta eat more to keep up with the work.
5-16-05 Pull day
145 lb today. Forward progress. I want to shoot for a pound a week, and see if that is possible for me.

Warmup 10 min
Pullup 5,3,3,3,3 BW,BW+5,+10,+15,+35*PR BWx5,4
DL 5x5 65,95,115,135,160lbs 225x2 *PR
Naut row 5x5 90,140,160,180,230*PR 90lbx15,15
1arm pulldown 75lbx3, 90lbx2*PR
Rotators 2lb 4x12
Needsize abs

great day today. Felt strong all around, hit PR's in about everything. Ate heavy today and tonight, and will continue as much as I can. DL form wasnt great, the hips didnt initiate the DL enough and the back took over as I stood. One arm pullups feel closer than I thought they were. Still focusing on the lats and subscap rotators for pull day. Shoulder stability will play a larger role than lat strength methinks. Im gonna try one arm flex hangs next week. I couldnt do them a few weeks back.
Push day

Squats 5x5 65lb,95,115,135,165
Bench 5x5 45,65,85,115,*145* PR
OHP 5x5 40,50,60,70,80
Chest fly 80lb 12,12,12
Tri extension 80lb 12,12,12 50lb x30
light ab work

Got a spot on the bench (but they didnt help any), I barely squeaked the last rep out. I just said to myself "Go go Gadget triceps!" and it pushed past the slow point. I wouldnt have attempted it by myself. Good part is that my form stayed awesome. I chalk it up to the extra rotator cuff work. The long head of the tri is starting to feel more connection, and I think it has to do with the rotator cuffs as well.

Now time to go run the dogs again.
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