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Holmes' Log '07

Already got some DOMS from the squats (which were a PR I didnt realize). Tomorrow gonna be hell running up and down a rock face.
Todays workout consisted of hang cleans, power cleans, power shrugs, and clean& jerks. My trainer worked with me on the clean form, I had a tendency to stop the pull too soon (weight was light though). He said I had a Jerk form that looked like I had been practicing a long time though! Never done a jerk before in my life.

Also did some squats, hit 175x5 (new PR) and it was actually pretty easy. My form was good according to the trainer, back didnt round out. After that I did Pendlay rows and a few pullups.

Great workout! Time to start working on C&J.
Had DOMS in the upper traps since the clean and jerks. Awesome! I already have traps that are swole from riding bmx since a kid, but this is gonna put them over the top!


Today I did what I felt was missing from tuesdays workout. It only seemed natural and proper to balance it out. The lack of lower body work felt very strange indeed.

Bench 5x5 45lb, 65, 95, 115, 145
OHP (clean grip) 5x5 45lb, 55, 65, 75, 85 *PR*
Chest fly machine 80lb 12,12,12
tri machine 80lb 12,12,12
Rotator Cuff (subscap) 4lb 12,12,12
Side bends 35lb 1x10

All in all a great workout. The bench went up pretty well, I didnt strain at all but it was hard. Reps 4 and 5 were slow, but the lockout was solid and I barely slowed during the chest/tri transition. Im learning how to transition better, and once I get the power chain down it is gonna be ON! 5 more pounds next time. 145 felt pretty light.

I barely squeaked the last rep on the OHP, but I got that extra 5lbs. No bounce or body english was used, strict form was kept. My balance with the weight overhead needs work- my core must be pretty weak. I didnt have to walk around but my torso was wiggly. Grip is barely wider than shoulders, and I focus on keeping the elbows tucked in. Although it makes me feel weaker when pressing, I know my shoulders are more stable and it will allow me to advance much further in the long run. One of my buddies can do endless handstand pushups and he keeps his elbows tucked in like a champ- straight up tricep presses.
Not really, I just try to eat a lot. I drink 1 or 2 protein shakes a day. Usually two anpb and honey sandwiches on whole wheat, 1/3 to 1/2 gallon of milk a day, 4 eggs, and two large meals for dinner and lunch. As long as my strength gains Im not worried about it. I eat as much as I feel my lifting needs, and if I stall it is probably my eating that is culprit (and I would rather not stall).
[/B]Pull day

Today's workout was a new variation for pull day. I liked it, and think I will add a bit of ancillary next time too.

Pullup 5,3,3,3,3 / BW,+5lb,+10lb,+15lb,+35lb
Hang Clean 4x5 65lb, 85, 95, 105lb
Power clean 1x5 115lb
Back squats 4x5 115lb, 135, 155, 175lb
Ab roller 3x10
stretching hips

Pullups felt decent, but I could tell it had been 10 days since I had done weighted reps. I barely squeaked the last weighted rep. Cleans felt good, my traps are blowing up again tonight. Squats ATG @ 175lb didnt feel heavy at all. 225 is gonna come fast at this rate. The ab roller is awesome, I can tell I am weak in that area and need lots of work. I should get one to use at the house too.

All in all, great workout and makes me want more. Im building a fence and cleaning around the house this weekend too. Im digging the sudden increase in work capacity.

Worked out with a friend for a change. We jogged, did BW pullups and pushups, ab work, did bi and tri work, bent db rows, some ab ball db presses, and a bit more jogging. I held back for the next days workout. He got spent. He is about 135lbs, and doesnt train legs. He looks good for his size though, he does high rep work and his arms are actually a bit bigger than mine. We have almost identical frames and heights, but my legs are a ton meatier.


Push day! My left subscapularis rotator cuff started giving me trouble after the bench, probably because it was still tired from the 45 pushups and 13 pullups of yesterday.

Bench 45lbx10; 4x5 65lb,95,115, 150 *PR* ^^
OHP 4x5 45lb,55,65,75lb; 85lbx4; 45lbx 6,5
Chest fly 80lbx 10,12,12
DB overhead tri extension 20lbx8, 15lbx10,
2 arm db extentions 20lbx10, 30x8
Ab wheel 3x10
more abs

^^I grabbed a spotter and he didnt know how to listen. No liftoff, no touching unless it is going down and should be going up I tell him. On the last rep of the last set when I started slowing he touched it with two fingers and gave about 5-10lb assistance. Actually pissed me off but I didnt say anything. I HAD THAT REP YOU BASTARD!! IT WAS ALL MINE!! Next time I will have to find somebody else or tell him to wait until I get pinned to touch the shit.
Hi jrh.

I too belong to the 'eat like a horse to maintain bodyweight' club.
When I'm organised I make sure I dont run out of cashews or trail mix. Grab a handful with every protein shake and you will easy add an extra 600 cals or more if you do it 2 or 3 times a day. Just a suggestion, which should be quick and easy. Better than cooking more chicken :)

Thanks for the tip! I've been trying to snack as much as possible to up the cals.

Pull day

Pullup BWx5, 4x3 bw+5lb,+10,+15,+40 *PR*
Power Clean 6x5 65lb, 85, 95, 115, 45, 45lb
Squat 4x5 115lb, 135, 155, 180*PR*
Bent DB Row 5x5 20lb, 25, 30, 40, 45lb
Curls 20's 3x8

Good workout, I got damn sweaty doing the PCleans. I felt the lat working as primary mover on DB rows too, so that was nice. I need to work the hang on my pullups, it gets a little saggy when I have a lot of weight up.
Couple of things that might help ya on lat work.

When I do DB rows I usally do them with my hand resting on a dumbell on the lower rack of dumbells with my legs staggered.

I use a thumbless grip and initiate the pull from the bottom with the bicep, but as I get about half way up I focus on the lat pulling. If you pull the dumbell into your lower stomach tight to your body you should feel your lower lat cramp a little at full flexion. Took some practice for me to get the feel down. Imho, you know you are rowing right when you feel the lat contract hard near the bottom or middle.

When doing chinups the best method is to start at a dead hang and hang as low as you can without letting your shoulders go loose. Then use an explosive downward shrug of the arms which is actually the lats firing. The best way to descibe it is to raise your arms overhead and try to shrug your arms downwards. That's how you start a good pullup, but you gotta do it explosively and accelerate all the way up. As you near the sticking point or about halfway up puill hard with your arms to finish out the rep.

These are tips I've gotten over the years from online research.
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