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Holmes' Log '07


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Fresh journal for 2007. Currently I am working my lower back into shape and getting it flexible again. I cant really tie my shoes or touch the ground without pain and discomfort. As of this morning my back feels much better than yesterday, but I am going to wait at least a few more days before DLs or Squats. Core work will be limited to rolling around on the floor till I get back into par shape.

5'10" 140lbs, guesstimate 7% BF. No fat on legs or arms, just a bit under the skin on my torso.

Yesterday's workout, restarting the 5x5

Bench- 65lbs x5, 85lbs x5, 95lbs x5, 105lbs x5, 120lbs x5. Felt good, not too difficult.
CG bench- 65lbs 3x18
Incline bench- 65lbs 5x5
cable tri pushdowns 50lbs 12, 12, 18

core work and stretching, 20 minutes

Felt really good although back was throbbing a bit during bench. Wasnt enough to cause pain though, more of just tightness. Cable pushdowns did a good job of wearing out and pumping up the tri's.

Fell asleep last night at 10pm. Woke up today at 8am. good sleep.
JohnRobHolmes said:
Yesterday's workout, restarting the 5x5

Bench- 65lbs x5, 85lbs x5, 95lbs x5, 105lbs x5, 120lbs x5. Felt good, not too difficult.
CG bench- 65lbs 3x18
Incline bench- 65lbs 5x5
cable tri pushdowns 50lbs 12, 12, 18

core work and stretching, 20 minutes


Exactly what kind of 5x5 is this?
I believe it's 5x5 with some added isolation work and limited to no leg and back work do to his back issues atm which he mentioned in his post.
I have a push/ pull 5x5 split. I added a bit more ancillary since the split gives me plenty of time to recover. DL's will be done on pulling day, and Squats will be done on pushing day. The intensity will be alternated so that I am not hitting legs hard 3.5 days + per week. something like this...

Day 1:
Pullups, 5x5 with bodyweight (non-linear). each workout I will add 2.5lbs till I cant finish the set.
DL's 5x5 linear
row or low row 5x5 linear
bicep work if I feel like it.

Once I get pullups established I will put Deads first.

Day 2:
Squat 5x5 linear
Bench 5x5 linear
CG bench 3x15-18 @50% of 5rm
Incline 5x5
Tri pushdown 3x12-15
ancillary shoulder work if I feel like it

Seems like a fairly reasonable split, we shall see how it blends with my life overall. I might add squats onto the pulling day and just alternate with deads. That would allow me to focus solely on pressing motions.
Did a large amount of house cleaning/ moving today and yesterday. Also went for a short bike ride on the streets. I did not go to the gym as planned. Yard work took care of my arms and back today, I will fall into line tomorrow with pushing day (day 2) and hit pulling day on Wednesday. Its really easy to keep myself in line with this split so far, as I can pick up wherever I feel needs more work for that day and then finish the spit the next day.

Ive gained a bit of weight eating 5 meals a day. BF actually went up a bit over the past week noticeably on my stomach. My 6 pack has turned into a 4 pack. Crazy! Who would have thought that eating more would cause weight gain. I should probably cut the carbs and fat just a bit. I have been drinking a gallon of whole milk every few days too. Tastes so damn good with a fatty ANPB sandwich.

Bench 65lb x5, 85x5, 95x5, 115x5, 125x5
CG bench 65lb 18x1, 15x1, 12x1
Incline 75lb 3 sets of 7
Cable pushdown 50lb 18x1,18x1,19x1
April 3 2007

Wide pullups Bodyweight 5x5
Nautilus row 90lbx10 110x5, 130x5, 140x5, 180x5
DL 45lbx5, 65x5, 95x5, 115x5, 135x5
light abs

It felt really good to do deadlifts again.

diet for the day:

Subway double chicken bacon wrap
2 scoop ON protein w/ 16 ounce milk
2 ounce colby cheese
1 ounce almonds
1/2 pound ground beef
3 eggs
1/2 bell pepper
1 ounce cheese mix.
16 ounces milk

Estimated 170g+ protein for the day. BW unknown, maybe 145.
april 4, 2007

Squats 65lbx5, 85lbx5, 95x5, 115x5, 135x5 Wasnt too hard.
Bench 65lbx5, 85x5, 95x5, 115x5, 125x5 Last reps were slow, but form stayed good
incline DB 45x5, 50x5, 55x5, 60x5, 65x5 (divide weights by two for individual db weight)
cable pushdown 60lb 10x3

Not too hard really, I wanna ease back into this and take it slow while my ligaments play catch up.
april 7, 2007

DL 65x5, 85x5, 95x5, 115x5, 140x5 Felt really good. HUGE pump from these.
Naut row 90x10 110x5, 130x5, 155x5, 180x5
pullups bw 5x5

Time to start increasing weight on pullups
april 9, 2007

I was really tired and sluggish today. Almost skipped the workout, but Im doing this thing lately where I do the stuff that I DONT want to do. Im glad I went.

Squat 65x5, 85x5, 95x5, 115x5, 135x5
bench 65x5, 85x5, 95x5, 115x5, 125x5
incline db press 20's x5, 22.5s x5, 25s x5, 27.5s x5, 35s x5. Nothing to it.
Farmer walks 50's x1 around the building
cable pushdown 60lb 15x1, 10x1 Way too easy
Pullup BW+10lb x5

Got kinda bored at the end, mixed things up. Cable pushdowns were super easy. Bench was slow on the last reps but I had the power with no problem or form changes. Squats felt nice. I know I could go a lot heavier, but I still wanna take it slow for a few more weeks with the DLs and squats. Better safe and slow for a while, then injured and getting weaker for a longer while.

Wednesday will see increases on Pullups and rows. DLs will stay at 140.
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