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Help with my workout routine

you're training too much if you ask me
no gear here right
With training, you definitely want to experiment and see what you respond best too. Also, keep in mind that you have to give yourself enough time to recover so don't push training too far.
My split workouts just aren’t working anymore. I'm currently doing a 4-day split but I think I should change it to 5 days what do you think? I was reading some of the things that professionals are doing and came across a good one online
Monday: chest
Tuesday: arms
Wednesday: cardio and legs
thursday : abs and back
Friday: cardio
Saturday: shoulders and neck
Sunday: off
does this look good to you?
I don't think it is the split that is wrong, but probably something else. Not enough high quality food, not enough sleep, workouts not intense enough, or workouts too intense. Keep a log and experiment.

But there's nothing wrong with trying a new split to shake things up. Here are some examples:
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