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Approved Log Finishing my first cycle log

waiting on your new cycle
Hey all long waiting update:

Caught a gnarly sickness and have been out of gym for two weeks recovering, haven’t been on any supps, juice or proper diet for those two weeks. Today is first day back in the gym I’ve dropped from 116kgs to 107kgs and from the looks of it majority of this is muscle unfortunately so hit to the motivation big time but jumping back in this week and dialing that diet in again introducing the Creatine and sarms again tail end of this week, I am increasing calories from 2200 which was way too low to 3200 but clean food only.

I have test E and tren ace and NPP coming this week so I am going to give myself two weeks to get back to my level of lifting again and will start the cycle from scratch.

Will log update photo upon starting that cycle.

Sorry for lack of logging last two weeks been a massive head fuck for motivation
Struggling with a viral thing myself
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