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Approved Log Bulking Log - 25Homes

maybe up the proviron?
nice you bumped proviron higher
Yes I bumped to 50mg ed and that is also helpin. actually felt pretty good yesterday and Today with overall well being and libido. seems its back to normal but dont want to mess it up again.
Update for Yesterday. Diet and training both locked in.

7am Muscle Milk

830am eggs cheese oats honey milk

1030am chicken and rice

1230pm MRE shake

245pm ribs and beans

5pm MRE shake

730pm Muscle Milk

830pm chicken and rice

trained Chest

Incline Press 120lbs at 30 reps
160lbs at 20 reps
180lbs at 14 reps
220lbs at 7 reps

Flat chest press 160lbs at 18 reps
180lbs at 15 reps
200lbs at 12 reps
220lbs at 7 reps drop to 140lbs 12 reps

Incline dbell press 150lbs x 18 reps 75lb dbells
150lbs at 15 reps
150lbs at 12 reps

Dips 145lbs at 25 reps
175lbs at 18 reps
200lbs at 15 reps
215lbs at 12 reps drop to 145lbs 15 more reps

Chest press machine 140lbs at 18 reps
150lbs at 15 reps
150lbs at 15 reps
160lbs at 12 reps drop to 110lbs 15 more reps

Felt really good. Shoulder only bother me for first 4 sets. Cant wait to get the Tren and Drol in there together. Should get me the xtra size I am lookin for.
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