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Approved Log Bulking Log - 25Homes

hopefully things improve for you going forward no more problems
Update For Monday. I hit a 28 hour fast from Sunday night through Monday. Felt really good and leaned me out quickly. Training was still good and pump was there

Back Day

LAT Pulls 120lbs at 25 reps
160lbs at 20 reps
180lbs at 18 reps
200lbs at 14 reps

HS Rows 160lbs at 20 reps
180lbs at 18 reps
200lbs at 16 reps
200lbs at 12 reps drop to 120lbs 14 reps

1 arm Lat Pulls 70lbs at 18 reps
80lbs at 15 reps
90lbs at 12 reps
90lbs at 10 reps drop to 60lbs 12 more reps

Face Pulls 40lbs at 18 reps
45lbs at 15 reps
50lbs at 12 reps

Feel like I didnt lose any strength which is great. Down a few lbs but that is to be expected when kcals fell for a week and so did water intake. Cant complain though got a full six pack back and bunch of vascularity. Here is some more of the foods I have been prepping for this week to eat
More of the Foods and I am liking the salmon lately. so so Good.
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