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Diet and Order of Training


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Hey everyone,

I'm using my old Phase I, Flex built, diet plan this month, but the difference is my time of exercise and the addition of a mass gainer for added cals.

Hopefully you guys can provide some insight, but I work out in the mornings instead of the afternoon. What do you think should be adjusted for that type of training? I can flip meal four and five to one and two, and everything else would follow in line, but i'm concerned with the fruit, simple and complex carb. insertion.

This might sound elementary, but i appreciate the time if you have it, including the insults lol.

Stats: 5'4" 160lbs, 36yrs, 10%bf, 6days on, 1 day off, heavy sets - 6/8 reps

Thanks everyone



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I'm not surprised this diet was posted in a magazine.

Remember that magazines are owned by supplement companies. What is a supplement companies number 1 goal? To sell supplements.

The diet you posted has 4 out of your 6 meals as protein shakes. That is not optimal at all. Not only that, there is very little variety in the diet.

I recommend something like this for your diet:

if you need shakes that often during your day that doesn't tell you much about your overall diet.

shakes are supplements. and the things a lot of companies put in them like HFCS, hydrogenated oils, etc. make them very counter productive to your goals

have a shake 1-2X per day but make sure it is a good quality whey isolate. n2bm has excellent options for you
Definitely include more sources of protein. Get rid of a couple of those shakes and add some fish and beef. I don't see any fish in your diet at all.
The diet mentioned by the OP is quite bad - I would give the editor of this magazine quite a beating for misleading people in such a shameless manner. Whey protein is just that - a supplement. So it is not meant to replace your foods or meals - it should be only considered as a tool to cover up your daily needs of protein intake. Better go with the diet as suggested by @muskate - it is far healthier and more effective.
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