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  1. E

    Best breakfast menu

    I'm wondering what you guys all eat for breakfast and what is on the menu My work provides free food in the cafeteria once a day so i get the breakfast. Looking for the healthiest options the choices are Turkey bacon Fried steak Oatmeal Eggs Apple Toast Cereal and milk Cabbage I work out early...
  2. B

    Supplements before meals

    Which supplements do you need to take before meals and how do you make sure you are timing it right? I’m looking for something i can take before a big carb meal to block my fat storage I’m not saying i will eat a bunch of pizza and bread but it would be cool to eat some more carbs in my diet...
  3. Y

    Rules for cutting in bodybuilding

    I was doing some research and I came across some good rules when it comes to cutting and body building. what do you think about the following? Eating Point 8 g of protein for each pound the body weight eating a low-fat diet but keeping it at 20% for your Macros train really hard and do a lot of...
  4. K

    How to alternate day fast

    I saw a study on alternate-day fasting and they kept their muscle and lost a lot of fat thought that was very interested and I wanted to try it looking to see what kind of strategy would be good. Obviously on My fasting day I know not to eat but on my eating day do I eat two meals, three...
  5. K

    Eating same meals day by day in a cut

    I have a question about cutting down I plan on losing some weight and losing some fat off my frame Should I be eating the same meals everyday with the same schedule or should I be changing my meals everyday and making it more variable and what I'm eating I feel like a robot eating the same...
  6. V

    How do you eat and cook vegetable

    I was wondering what kind of vegetables do you guys eat and what kind do you cook to get in your necessary amount of vegetables everyday. Do you add them to your existing meals or do you kind of snack on them in between meals. Right now I don't eat any vegetables and I need to change
  7. R

    How long to wait between shake and meal

    hello everyone, I have a question about optimizing my shakes and my meals. After I work out how long should I wait before I take my post-workout shake, and then from there how long do I wait till my next meal. I've tried doing 1 hour and 2 hour gaps and haven't really figured out any difference...
  8. M

    military diet vs. 6-8 meals

    Hey what is the truth behind which diet would be best for bodybuilding if you were to compare the standard military diet strategy vs. Eating 6-8 meals a day rich piana style or how about taking things a step further and doing 10 meals a day if 2 of those meals are shakes and 8 are real food...
  9. bommakr

    Diet and Order of Training

    Hey everyone, I'm using my old Phase I, Flex built, diet plan this month, but the difference is my time of exercise and the addition of a mass gainer for added cals. Hopefully you guys can provide some insight, but I work out in the mornings instead of the afternoon. What do you think should...
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