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Boosting calories and carb supps

Steve hit the nail right on the head! Eat like no tomorrow making sure you are getting about 180-200 grams of protein a day for now. Hit the gym hard and you will start to slowly build muscle. No magic pill and if your trying to drink your calories in a protein shake they end up putting all kinds of other chemicals in it.
I am super skinny I weigh about 130 lb and I'm almost 6 ft tall
a friend of mine said I should start supplementing with supplements that contain extra calories and carbs. Is this the best way to gain weight or should I do something else when it comes to supplementation

One of several 130 and 6'3 posts these past 2 weeks.

All got the same - EAT MORE.
i think Fadogia agrestic from vital herbal can help, I’ve been taking this for about 2 months now and I feel like it works great! I’ve added two pounds without gaining fat, I’ve increased my lifts, and I have more stamina and energy! Highly recommend!
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