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female use of clen

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    Ok I have a REALLY strange question about clen.

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum to be posting this- so please correct me if I am wrong. So I have been searching for a way to get phentermine but have had NO LUCK. I wanted it for the appetite suppressant etc etc, but anyway. Because I can't find any I am resorting back to clen. So I...
  2. M

    anavar advice needed from women with experience

    ok so ive done a lot of researching on women and anavar and cannot seem to find much so im really hopeing this thread will help me to figure out if anavar is right for me and the goals i want to achieve and if not what would someone with a little more knowledge and experience suggest for me? Im...
  3. J

    Clen and Period

    Hey. Just wondering if any of you lady's skip your period while running a Clen cycle.
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    Letro, clen, T3 questions

    I am currently 5'2 and 143lbs and wear size 4 jeans. I usually weigh around 130 but after going through the police academy I put on 10lbs. I am considering doing a figure competition and need to get the extra weight off. I have tried a really strict diet and amped up my exercise routine and only...
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