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anavar and women

  1. J

    Wome on Var! Advice please

    Hello! Just looking some advice; 23 5'6 145pds (fluctuates 142-147) %Bf unsure quite slim looking to break this plateau! I eat fairly clean...lean meats veggies and fruit. I also take protein shakes post workouts. I usually workout 4-5x a week Running about 3-5miles Followed by 45mins of...
  2. LiftingfortheGains

    Help with liquid Anavar

    The thing on the front says anavar 50ML-50mg/ml If I want to take a low dose how much should I take with my 1cc syringe(diabetes needle) orally? 5'4 145 lbs 30% bf
  3. W

    About to Start Anavar, need diet advice please!

    Hi so I just joined this site and hoping to get some advice :) I want to do one cycle of Anavar, to burn fat and build muscle, I want to get the best results possible and from what I read diet during the cycle is key. I am not a body builder, nor do I want to be overly muscular, just had a...
  4. A

    Female anavar help

    Hello. I don't know if there's a woman's section I should be writing in but if that's the case can someone please redirect this post after reading? I'm struggling using this site on my phone!! Anyway, I'm a 34 year old female who is fit and has been lifting for around 4 years. I have had three...
  5. C

    Anavar results?

    I've been on anavar for about 2 weeks now. I was told by pretty much everyone I know that by day 7 I'd see noticeable results however I don't really see anything and I'm on week 2 now. Should I up my dosage.. Or how long will it take? I was told to be on it for 6 weeks. I'm currently taking...
  6. A

    Female 1st Cycle of Anavar- 25mg How much is TOO much?

    Hi Guys! This is my first time posting and was hoping at least a couple experienced people could help coach me along my first cycle of Anavar. I am 5'2" 125lbs, about 15% BF, I have a vegan diet and I am a silks aerialist (google it) My goal is simply to GET STRONGER! I am attempting to get 150...
  7. L

    Anavar 1st cycle

    Hey guys i hope you can give me some advice Im 23, 5ft 8 and 72kgs. i started my anavar cycle last monday. i started it quite high in dosage ; 25mgs split in half so in the morning and in the afternoon. On the 4th day i decided to drop to 12.5mg a day, so taking it only in the morning. I...
  8. J

    Anavar Post Cycle

    I am about to finish up my cycle of Anavar and i was wondering how much of my strength gains I will keep? I have done my research but I would like hearing from others that have cycled before. And any advice for post cycle and what to expect. Thank you
  9. M

    anavar advice needed from women with experience

    ok so ive done a lot of researching on women and anavar and cannot seem to find much so im really hopeing this thread will help me to figure out if anavar is right for me and the goals i want to achieve and if not what would someone with a little more knowledge and experience suggest for me? Im...
  10. T

    Women Physique Competitor 6 weeks out: Winnie and/or Anavar

    Hey this is my first show and i still have about 10 pounds to lose 6 weeks out. Weight is moving fine, but coach is recommending 10 mg Winnie daily. I have anavar. As a woman, would you folks recommend either or both to finish and harden? Will either get in the way of pulling off fat and or...
  11. M

    Anavar for women

    Hi, I am pretty new in the forum world, but hopefully this will help me out... I heard about Anavar, and how good it is to shed fat. I currently weight 146 pounds and need to be at 120 at least (used to weight 115 after my second child - I now have 3) . It has been 3 years since I had my...
  12. L

    Yet Another Anavar Question

    I have been doing some research on Anavar for the past month, however, I still have a few questions that haven't been addressed as my goals are not your typical "I want to get down to vein popping body fat levels." So I am hoping that someone has the time to help me figure out whether Var is...
  13. B

    anavar, real or fake?

    Hello. I know pills can come in different shapes and sizes, so I am hoping someone more experienced can step up and help me out here. The pills I got are 30mgs a piece, they are circular, white and chalky, not caps. They have no markings on them. I am feeling some of the sides, but I am also...
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