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EF Log 2023 Test, Deca, Sarm cycle log


Done with anavar and only a few more injections of Deca.
Still sitting at about 205 lbs.
meals are good. Eating as much as my stomach will hold. Ordered some digestive enzymes. Gonna take that with each meal and see if that helps break down the food.
Work out have been good. Pushing the shoulder pretty hard. Can’t say I feel any stronger or look any bigger last few weeks. Almost like a stall out. Gonna just keep hitting it!
Just stopped my Var this week too


EF Logger
Been a crazy week. Work and weather kept me out of gym couple extra days more than normal. I did make it yesterday and had an amazing chest day. Chest is a weak point for me. I got a great pump in my little muscles.
Last few chest days I have started with cable machine. That is where I feel the best mind muscle connection. This has been able get muscles fired up so I can feel them.
This morning did a boxing class. Took a little nap. Now headed to gym to lift and do back.
I have had my last injection of Deca. Last two weeks of the 12 week cycle is just sarms GW,Rad 140 plus test. Going to back off test to one injection 200mg per week. I feel stronger for sure. Still sitting around 203 - 205 lbs.
Stay strong