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new cycle

  1. S

    new cycle questions

    I am going to try sustanon 300mg a week with trenbolone Ace 100mg EOD. I also am considering a couple orals and have them narrowed down to anadrol Abombs and winstrol winny, I plan on only adding 1 oral to kickstart the cycle and then using the other to finish. Do you recommend going with...
  2. J

    Test C cycle

    So my friend gave me a bottle of Testosterone Cypionate 300 mg and I thought I'd might as well do a cycle. I've been thinking about doing it for awhile and I've done some research. The thing is I'm only 22 and I don't want to risk anything to bad right now with anything like deca. I was...
  3. B

    First post, first cycle, blood pressure issue!

    Hey everyone. This is my first cycle. I'm running 400mg a week of 200mg Bollab test cypionate. My first pin was only 100mg, and yesterday was my 2nd was the full 200mg. (Wednesday/Sunday) So I noticed this morning at the gym, I was at 150bpm after only walking on the treadmill. So I...
  4. C

    Need advice on new test cycle

    Hey guys i need some advice on a new cycle im going to take. I have been on a low dose test e cycle before (200ml PW with Nolva and clomid PCT. Im about to take Test Enthanate 12 week cycle. 200ml per week PCT: Nolvadex and Clomid. Iv been working out for 4 years Im 26 years old. Im about 70...
  5. S

    another newbie requiring advice

    Hi there guys. Before i start im fully aware that this has been posted a million times but i just couldn't find a in depth specific answer for my question. so i apologise for this thread however.... im thinking of starting my first cycle as im not happy with my progress in the gym and want to...
  6. W

    About to Start Anavar, need diet advice please!

    Hi so I just joined this site and hoping to get some advice :) I want to do one cycle of Anavar, to burn fat and build muscle, I want to get the best results possible and from what I read diet during the cycle is key. I am not a body builder, nor do I want to be overly muscular, just had a...
  7. D

    New user want help!

    Hi I'm going to be starting my first cycle soon i just want to know what are the best steroids to use for strength and fat loss(I do not wanna spend a lot of money). And how to use them with great detail like what days to inject (i cant take pills) where is the safest place on the body to inject...
  8. C

    really curious

    im thinking about starting a cycle.. been looking around and asking questions.. than i found this forum.. ill leave it open... pros and cons of roids.. also what should i look for in a good cycle to start? thanks guys
  9. IrishCharms

    Ostarine Log (Mk-2866) 2012

    I am taking Ostarine on a recomp schedule; leaning heavily to losing body fat with some gain in lean muscle. I plan on dosing twice daily; once as I wake up and once before I work out. I am running on a caloric deficit of around 1000 calories from my resting metabolic caloric rate. I will...
  10. G

    advice appreciated

    Ok here goes long time reader 1st time poster. I have spent countless hours reading all the threads on here since July to learn as much as I could prior to posting this thread and welcome the advice many of you provide out of goodwill (thanks for this):D Previously (2 years ago) I have...
  11. S


    New to this website. So I do appologise if this is the wrong section and please move if so.... Right. I'm very new to all this stuff. I recently started taking clenbuterol I'm on day 4. Im taking the 0.4 clen's. First day I took half a tablet. Felt nothing. Second day I took 1 tablet. Felt...
  12. C

    Newbie needs help ! :)

    Hey guys i would like to know how to start off my cycle with the following products my stats are 170lbs 29years 5,9ft Letrozole (Femara)...
  13. A

    New here..

    Hey everyone I'm a new member here, but I have read here a lot before now.. I am trying to plan a cycle. I need help if you know what I mean.. It would be greatly appreciated.. -PMs maybe? thanks. :supercool
  14. W

    starting a new cycle for the first time in 2 years

    this is what I am starting with I have never done prop I am starting a 500mg per week of prop. 50 mgs of abomb a day for a week just to get me going I have 100mg per unit of Tren anathate. I have only done the acetate. I was thinking 200 mgs of that a week I am 6.4 and weigh 220 my diet...
  15. columbo200

    Looking to gain lean mass for my 2nd ASS

    22 years old 175 pounds 5'8 about 12% bodyfat I want to gain about 10 lbs of lean muscle, also bring my body fat down to under 10%. I play sports including lacrosse in the summer and need to keep that in mind so something like tren would be out of the question due to shortness of breath. I am...
  16. columbo200

    When is it safe to start a new cycle after coming off of one?

    I ran sustanon 250 and anavar for 5 weeks. I want to start a cycle of winstrol. I know winny does have some androgenic activity. So when is it safe to start another cylce?
  17. B

    Next Cycle Advice

    Looking for advice for my next cycle. Im trying to go for a leaning up cycle while maintianing gains. My last cycle was test cyp 750 mg a week split up into two injections with winny and pct at the end. results were great im thinking about using test prop 50 mg ED with a mixture of masteron or...
  18. J

    New Cycle (Test-E) & (Deca) Question! Thanks!

    Hey everyone its my first time on elite fitness! HELLO! I have been working out most of my life since Middle school, all through high school from football and now I ready to start my first cycle! The past year I have dedicated my self to staying healthy and eating good. I am 6 feet tall...
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