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  1. J

    Improving the bicep head

    I've been doing a lot of concentration curls but they haven't done a lick of difference for me. I started to do some incline curls and I've gotten a much more Improvement to the peak of my bicep do you think going heavy on concentration curls might have been my mistake? I don't want to keep...
  2. W

    Questions about sarms

    Have some simple questions about sarms When are you supposed to take them in regards to when you train. I usually train after work I get to the gym around 5:00 p.m. should I start taking them at 4:00 p.m. or doesn't matter? next question is how do you fix the nasty taste? my friend let me try a...
  3. JimAbs43

    Podcast 539 - Funny and shocking gym stories 539 - Funny and shocking gym stories
  4. J

    Alternating fitness goals?

    I'm seeing a new trend now on social media with guys trying different things that they never tried before. an example for me would be to try CrossFit for a month. and then do a month at a gym. then switch to maybe yoga for a month. then switch to a running group for a month. do you think there's...
  5. S

    Wrestling and football mixed with weights

    I do a lot of wrestling and also I play football in my small college. we don't have much of a training staff here just a bunch of guys who walk around and give us instructions to weight train. I think that with your help I can do a lot better and get stronger I basically have the next 5 months...
  6. S

    Athletic options with sarms

    I don't consider myself a bodybuilder I'm more of an athlete overall and I like to do a lot of sports. I'll spend my entire gym hour playing basketball on the court or doing racquetball it's really fun to do it that way but I'm also doing weight training as well a couple times a week looking for...
  7. V

    supps to take in car

    so here is my schedule wake up at 5:30am. Go to work, takes me about an hour to drive there after work I go to the gym and workout. Then I am back home around 6pm. I was wondering what is the best supplement I can take on my way to work and then also on my way home after work too. I see people...
  8. T

    skinny guy supplementation

    I'm looking to put on more size I'm a really skinny guy I'm around 5 ft 8 inches and I only weigh 135 lb I have been training in the gym for approximately 4 months I'm 22 years old aside from protein powders what else can I be taking to bulk me up. my friend recommended I take these pills that...
  9. R

    Question on 5X5 fatigue %

    I had a question on doing 5x5 program and how much fatigue % i should be aiming for I am doing around 60-70% weight on the bar and doing between 70-80% relative weight Should my fatigue % rise on each set or drop lower to do it properly? Someone at the gym said it should go down and i should...
  10. E

    Supplements for pre and post workout

    I usually go to the gym around 7 a.m. and then I have to come home to shower before I go to work. What are some good supplements that I can take in between the gym and I have to go to work Looking to take something before I workout too if possible
  11. E

    When you have poor testosterone levels

    I was wondering if poor testosterone levels could be affecting my results in the gym because I'm not able to put on much muscle I don't have much libido either if so what kind of supplements can I take to boost my testosterone levels
  12. H

    Want to cut down this time sarms

    hello everyone I'm trying to cut down and get lower body fat I'm 42 years old and I am 6 ft tall and 217 lb and about 20% body fat I just signed up at a gym and I have a one year membership and I plan to go at least five times a week Which sarms stack would you recommend for me as a newbie ?
  13. N

    more time in the gym

    I’m gonna be spending more time in the gym I’m currently going 3x per week but want to increase it to more like 5x what supplement can help with the increase in work load?
  14. H

    supps for gym improvements

    Looking to improve the gym workouts I’m losing confidence in what i do because i’m not seeing enough results yet Hoping you can tell me some advice on the best way to do it and which supplements to use here
  15. N

    21 years olds supplements

    what is a list of supplements I should be using at 21 years old I train at my community gym it. It isn’t the best place but I feel like I can get in a decent work out. The people that are in my gym are pretty cool people and they suggested I get on a vitamin
  16. V

    How often do you max out?

    I was in the gym the other day and talking to a friend about this and he likes To max out at least once a week and see how strong he is I'm in my forties and I'm worried that if I was to try that I could get injured. What do you think about doing that and do you think it's okay to push the...
  17. H

    I’m finally done cutting

    Female 38 Had a kid and gained a lot of weight. I had to work hard to lose that baby weight Its finally all gone I’m back to 135 pounds Now i need to get back into the gym and get my strength back Which PED’s work good post pregnancy?
  18. M

    Female hard muscles?

    I saw a lady today at the gym would really hard muscles I'm curious what do you think she is taking? I’m currently 165 pounds and 5’8’’ . no clue on body fat probably 30% based on online images I’m very soft with muscles. I want to drop some fat need some recommendations please
  19. R

    How often do you do gym classes lol?

    I know this might be a wuss thing to ask but do you ever do those Gym classes they have to offer? I am paying $30 a month for my membership And they offer those classes included and i figured i would do them
  20. F

    Bigger cycle ideas

    I’m 38 years old and been using anabolic steroids for about ten years now I never ran more than 1,000 mg a week but by results have never been outstanding like I see other people in the gym or online I’m an average physique, maybe my genetics suck. I’m 5’10’’ and 212 pounds with 13% body fat...