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1st cycle

  1. D

    1st test e cycle cut or bulk?

    Hey guys Looking for some advice I'm 25 and have been weight lifting for about 6 years now, I'm looking to start my 1st test e cycle as I am going away on holiday in 9 weeks and wanting to look great 6ft 4 ,218Lb , 17%bf My friend has advised I go with Test E 500mg cutting cycle for 8...
  2. Jonlb21

    1st Cycle Side Effects Help

    Hey Everyone, I'm about 3 weeks in my first cycle. I'm currently taking 50mg of anavar everyday with N2 Guard,Stack No. 17, and forma stanzol . I've stacked them with S4, MK-2866, GW-50156 Sarms from Sarms1. I was taking the Sarms, 2 weeks prior to the anavar so we'll say sarms total of 4-5...
  3. Bwillie82

    1st time cycle

    I'm 6'2", 250 pounds, 32 years olds and ruffly 13% bf. I'm planning out a cycle like this, 1-3 test prop 150 eod 1-12 test enathate 250 2x a week 6-12 proviron ed 25mg 1-12 Arimadix .25 mg ed 14-18 40/40/20/20 novadex I'm already strict dieting, drinking 180 mg protein ed, cla ed, 8 eggs...
  4. N

    Helladrol 1st cycle help!!

    Hi i just joined the forum, been enjoying all the info and built my cycle based on all your helpful recommendations, anyways i decided to run my first ph and will run a 6 week helladrol cycle. Im 25 been lifting maybe 5 yrs but past 2 seriously non stop, 2 yrs ago was 225 pounds and now im 180...
  5. Jonlb21

    1st Cycle

    1-8 test prop 100 mg eod or (was actually thinking of doing test e to avoid pinning so much) recommeded test e dose ? 1-8 anavar 60-100 mg day 1-8 n2guard 1-8 HCGenerate ES PCT 9-12 clomid 50/50/25/25 ( hopefully tablets) Phytoserms (dont know if I need this one)...
  6. Jonlb21

    1st Cycle Help ASAP

    Hey Everyone, So I'm a complete newbie so I'm looking for help/advice with my first cycle ever. I'm 26 5"7" 170lbs. I work out heavy Monday through Friday extremely heavy and have stopped seeing dramatic growth and definition. My goal is to get extremely defined while losing stomach fat. I know...
  7. S

    1st Anadrol Cycle Recommendation

    Age: 24 Height: 5'10 Weight: 190 lbs Body Fat: 14% So I did my research and decided to start my first Anadrol cycle. I have done multiple other dbol cycles. Picked up 50 50mg tablets and wanted to run it for 4 weeks (28 days)and planning to run test with it 500mg/week. My question is what is...
  8. S

    1st Cycle

    I am looking to start my first cycle. I am 25 y/o, 6'1 195 lbs@ 14% bf. My goal is to get to 215 lbs. I have Sustanon 300 and Deca 300 nandrolone decanoate and Liquidex. I am looking for advice as to how much i should take weekly and a good PCT i should use.
  9. P

    Help with 1st Cutting Cycle please!

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum and would really appreciate some help/advice on a cutting cycle. I am completely new to this and have never taken any juice before. I have been doing a bit of reading about, but it would be great to have some experienced help. Firstly, a bit about me. I'm 35, 80...
  10. F

    1st cycle Advice please.

    I am getting ready to start my first cycle. I have been working out consistently for approx 4 years and the last year has been 100% dedication. Will mostly be following a diet to trim bf. I am 25 5'10-11ish 180lbs Approx 8%BF I am already in pretty good shape, get asked what I am taking all...
  11. I

    First Cycle Advice

    6ft.2 191lbs-87kg 15%Bf 25 Training for 4 years. Want to start a Test400/Deca cycle Week 1-12 Test 600mg/week Week 1-10 Deca 300mg/week Monday: 200mg Test - 300mg Deca Tuesday:No shot Wednesday:200mg Test Thursday:No shot Friday:200mg Test Sat:No Shot Sun:No shot Week 15-19 Clomid...
  12. J

    Question about 1st cycle Sus, Eq Cyp

    Conan thanks i figure it out.... I am 36 17% bf 198 LBS...I have been taking sus250 2x wk for 500mg along with Eq introduced at week 3 for 400mg I want to go up in weight, diet is pretty clean with 200grams proteins and balance of carbs and fat. Also take BCAA, fish oil, ginseng, Milk...
  13. M

    1st Cycle Advise, Test-Masteron-EQ-Proviron

    Hello, i am 21 years old 6'1 and 160 pounds and have tried desperately to gain weight for a long time to no avail, and after much deliberation regarding the pros and cons of doing steroids i have taken the firm and unwaivering decision to do a cycle. I am an amateur MMA fighter fighting at 155...
  14. J

    new to aas, need 1st cycle advice ! karma!

    i'm wanting to do my first cycle of injectables. from all the reading i've done for the past few months i figured test only cycle is the way to go. my supplement history includes 2 19-nor cycles, an oral winny cycle at only 20mgs a day and an epistane cycle. i am prone to gyno as i got it from...
  15. S

    1st cycle looking for some wisdom

    First off 25, 220lbs, 6', Buddy set me up with Tri-Blend 250mg 1 vial Deca 200mg 1 vial Omnadren 250mg 3 vials Deca 300mg 3 vials His instructions were 750mg test ew 600mg deca ew to start than 900mg deca ew once on 300mg vials starting with 30mg ed dbol kicker 4 weeks Arimidex 1mg...
  16. A

    Need help! Nolva question.

    Hey bros, 3 weeks into my first cycle and I started noticing that my nips were hard ALL the time. I was checking them constantly and I think I made them a little sensitive b/c of that. I have been running Test Cyp at 250/2x a week and hcg at 250iu/2x week. Also been on .5 of A-dex EOD since...
  17. I

    Very 1st Cycle

    Hey guys, i'm pretty new to this thread, so I was hoping to get some help and advice. I know you're probably tired of reading posts like this, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Ive been doing a decent amount of research and was hoping i could get help for my first cycle. I was just...
  18. Bignog

    Test 400 cycle

    6'3 242 34 yr old and been lifting for 14 yrs - Hard core the last year Diet and Cardio are on point I am starting a cycle soon wanted to get some input. I have searched and cannot really find any info. I have test 400 (150 cyp, 150 eth and 100 prop). I also have 200mg prop. I dont know...
  19. B

    Thinking about doing 1st CYCLE, NEWBIE NEEDS HELP!!!

    After doing some research and trying out some of prohormones, decided to go with STEROIDS! :D little bit about myself, 25yrs 225 lbs, probably 20-30% range body fat. I've been lifting since high school but not hardcore by any means. max bench: 235. Ok, before I looked into prohormones or...
  20. barrielowe

    1st Cycle - sustanon 250/Deca 200

    Hi there, Thought I would post a weekly log on my first cycle that I recently started as I know people (including myself) - love to see others progress etc. I'm also going to get some pictures up soon so people can comment... :friends: I am currently in week 3 (Had third shot) of a 10 week...
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