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1st Cycle Side Effects Help


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Hey Everyone,

I'm about 3 weeks in my first cycle. I'm currently taking 50mg of anavar everyday with N2 Guard,Stack No. 17, and forma stanzol . I've stacked them with S4, MK-2866, GW-50156 Sarms from Sarms1. I was taking the Sarms, 2 weeks prior to the anavar so we'll say sarms total of 4-5 weeks. Anyway I have been having some serious side effects lately. I wake up with a bloody noses in the mourning and feel nauseous throughout the day. I get these vicious migraines that won't seem to go away. When you feel nauseous and have a bad migraine it makes it almost impossible to work out everyday.

So I've been taking other things along side this oral only cycle. Basic stuff like joint supplements, CLA, fish oil, fat burners in the mourning, and cissus. I just constantly feel sick and have no energy. The majority of what I've read says that anavar has little to no side effects, so I don't know if that is the cause. But I have been day by day dropping a supplement here or there to try and see what is making me sick. Any advice ?

If someone is going to advise me to stop anavar I know its bad for the body to stop taking it cold turkey entirely, it shocks the body. I have HCG generate and Oxandrovar on hand but feel like the last thing I want to do is take more pills. Is my body shutting down ? and does this sound like any side effects any one had heard of for mild anavar?
Blood pressure is too high. Happens me sometimes both on and off cycle. More water, add hawthorn berry and reduce salt intake. Is your body fat high
You need to come off everything bro that a doc hasn't prescribed until you normalize, yes being big and strong can be cool but in the hospital is not!!yes I'm advising coming off avar cold turkey too whoever told you that will shock your body was likely listening to a big guy fool in the gym.... Call me on that before you stroke out, kuz then you may not be able to talk. You can always return putting in one thing at a time. I've advised lots of folks, new to this board but not new to the game. Your health is more important than anything to get big lean, that I promise.....
Hate orals kills my energy levels , kill my appetite !!! Anavar has got sides , I hate the stuff , makes me anxious as hell , major insomnia and racing heart , gets me every time , ended up chucking mine in the bin !!!

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