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Need help! Nolva question.


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Hey bros,
3 weeks into my first cycle and I started noticing that my nips were hard ALL the time. I was checking them constantly and I think I made them a little sensitive b/c of that. I have been running Test Cyp at 250/2x a week and hcg at 250iu/2x week. Also been on .5 of A-dex EOD since day 1 and when the nipple issue started, I took 40g Nolva yesterday and then 10g today. I'm thinking I'm just making myself paranoid and was wondering if it would be bad to stop the nolva until PCT, or if I should just stay on the 10g ED or EoD until PCT. Just don't want the "rebound effect" if I stop.
Any help or advice would be MUCH appreciated!!
Up the arimidex dose right now bro and take it ED. Dex is not that strong and I would also think about dropping the HCG all together. You could add in formastanazol as well.
Ok, so I'll up the A-dex to .5 ED, add in sone forma if possible. Also should I stop the Nolva? And I'll look into dropping the HCG(just wondering the reason)
Thanx man....I'm working myself up over here. Lol

Edit: I meant bump the a-dex to 1 ED
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HCG will raise natural test levels (the mimicing effect) there by increasing estrogen conversion. Waste
Ok so I'll bail the hcg for sure, save it for PCT, a-dex at 1mgED, and continue w/nolva at 10 mg a ED till PCT when I bump it to 40. Sound solid?
Thanx again brother!
Either add in the forma or get a stronger AI such as letro. Adding cabergoline may do the trick as well. Always start your dosing low with whatever you are taking and I would drop the nolva until post cycle if you switch to letro. Hopefully with whatever AI you get you can drop the nolva until post cycle though.
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