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Helladrol 1st cycle help!!


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Hi i just joined the forum, been enjoying all the info and built my cycle based on all your helpful recommendations, anyways i decided to run my first ph and will run a 6 week helladrol cycle. Im 25 been lifting maybe 5 yrs but past 2 seriously non stop, 2 yrs ago was 225 pounds and now im 180 around 13-14% bf and thought it would be a good time to start �� Been doing my research and got this planned out:
1-6 helladrol 75/100/100/100/100/125 ( ok for first time? Obviously gna stay at 75-100 if i get any sides but hope to bump to higher as every1 said 100 is the sweet spot)
3-6 hcgenerate
3-10 forma stanzol
Blockade and ai cycle support 1-8
Fish oil taurine multi etc
Will also run creacore during the whole run (3.5g creatine hcl post workout)

Now i got these for pct but got confused on how to run them... heard you
Dont want to know suppress estrogen too much i think i got too much ai stuff:
Nolvadex 20/20/10/10
Forma stanzol 3-10
Test powder daa 7-10
2 purus labs recycle- ?? Too much ??
1 sns glycophase (gda)
1 sns reduce xt weeks 8-11 ?
Need help here guys should i remove or add anything ? Doses ? Thanks a bunch
I have had some experience with Helladrol and you are definitely missing some Liver support. Get N2guard man, I was so lethargic from the hepatotoxicity that I had to cut my cycle short. TBH I hate PH, they are not as powerful, the anecdotal evidence regarding their damage is limited and they are usually toxic as hell to the liver. Helladrol gave me good strength gains but the sides are much worst than a Test and anavar cycle, and the proper cycle yields much better results.

Your dosage are high, I would start off with 50mg (2 caps) and would not exceed 100mg, more is not always better.
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