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new to aas, need 1st cycle advice ! karma!


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i'm wanting to do my first cycle of injectables. from all the reading i've done for the past few months i figured test only cycle is the way to go. my supplement history includes 2 19-nor cycles, an oral winny cycle at only 20mgs a day and an epistane cycle. i am prone to gyno as i got it from low doses of the previously mentioned substances.

i've been lifting 5-6 days a week for 5 years, and i started around 190. although 2.5 of those years were strictly performance based lifting for sport not aesthetic. so most of the hypertrophy style, high volume lifting has been done in the past 2-3 years and that is where most of the weight gain came from. here are my stats:

27years old
6 feet tall
~210-213 lbs
~10% bf, maybe less...i got pinched at 7.8% but those usually get me slightly low
calories aren't too high but pretty clean @ 3000-4000 tops. obviously i will ramp this up during cycle.

my goals are to gain 10lbs of lean tissue when pct is all said and done while maintaining current bf%. really my only limitations are physical as i have the mental drive, i just want to recover faster. I am a CPT and have a degree in kines, so i understand the lifting variables. just need help on the cycle. however, i would also like advice and dosing on a cutting cycle, possibly an injectable winny or anavar cycle so i am ready for next summer.

thanks everyone
sorry everyone i didn't know karma was a platinum membership only privi. i tried to edit heading but don't know how and i did not mean to mislead!
Hi and welcome to EF... I might consider trying Test E dosed @ 500mg /w for 10 wks for my first cycle.. two shots a wk @ 250.. You could kick start it w/ dbol or or var, but I would just stick w/ the test for the 1st one..

In terms of cutting; Is something you are planning on doing after you put on the 10 pounds? It would be very hard if not impossible to put on 10 lbs and cut at the same time...

Good Luck..
Hey bro,

First off, smart choice going test-only for a first cycle.

I would run it like this

Test: Wk 1-10 (400-500mg/week)
Forma Stanzol: 5 pumps both morning and night
A-dex on hand just in case

What did you have planned for PCT? As for the 10 pound goal, it should be feasible provided your diet is on point. Don't hesitate to post it up so that some of the guys can help you improve it if need be.

As for the cutting cycle, if you'd like, you can do another test only cycle. In the end, it will be your diet that cuts you up, and the test will prevent you from losing muscle mass while cutting. If you insist on adding an oral finisher, there are many routes available. You could end with var, winny, epistane or t-bol. Even primo or mast is a possibility if you don't mind another injectable.
Keep it simple with test only, and get real pct chems like clomid and nolva, have an ai on hand just in case like aromasin.
Welcome to Elite Fitness JTfitpro! Ezekiel has a valid point and solid advice for you in running the following :

Week 1-12
Test e or Cyp. 500 per week

Week 1-5
Dbol. 30 to 50 mgs per day!

HCG 500 per week ( to keep your levels up)

Do your basic Clomid PCT! After your last shot take 50 mgs per day for 3 weeks!
thanks all. for my pct i already have torem, clomid, letro, prami in case i utilize a progesterone ever and working on finding good injectable hcg. i have plenty of all but definitely not planning on using all. if no estro probs arise i will stick to the clomid and hcg. unless of course anyone has other suggestions. is 500mg of test enan modest on dosage? i want to definitely use the low end of effective dose. i'm not looking to shut down htpa for very long hopefully. i'd rather gain less and preserve my htpa!!

to answer ezekiel, my "bulk" cycle is planned for the winter, while my "cutting" cycle is planned for late spring early summer. so lots of time between. i'm going to give clen/albuterol with a low dose of anavar or winny or primo a try to lose fat while minimizing lean tissue loss...
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