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Where to find Stanozolol 25mg, Oxandrolone 50mg


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Stanozolol 25mg, Oxandrolone 50mg

Took exclusively for cutting and cleaning up the physique. It really helped kickstart fat burn while also adding lean muscle and getting more vascular and tight.

4 years ago I did the above gear in capsule form (all in one pill) along with eating super clean, increasing protein and cardio, and getting great sleep.

5’11 / 198 and chubby before. 5’11 / 185 and best shape of my life after. Back to 5’11 196-198 right now :(

I did the cycle for 3 months straight (which was a rookie move - should’ve stopped around 8 weeks and cycled off). I lost like 15 lbs and put back on another 7 lean and BF % dropped from something sickening of like 21% down to 8%

Anyway, I’m trying to get my hands back on this stuff and can’t seem to find it anywhere. Will definitely need to get the right PCT stuff this time around because contrary to what people say, while it is lesser than most, it still aromatizes and shut down natural production around month 2. I didn’t have the right stuff to help combat that and basically lost all my gains in the end. It was amazing while it lasted though. This time around I’m more educated thanks to this forum.

Any help greatly appreciated.
By the way, it was called “Element Labs” in a white bottle with a red Gear like icon similar to a settings icon. It came in 50 capsules and I was doing 1 capsule 2x a day.
The sponsors here are legit and will have everything you need.
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