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Approved Log My first Deca Durabolin log - cycle not working

Protein definitely to low. Gear increases protein synthesis. You can't eat like a natty and expect to grow lean tissue on gear. It's like trying to build a house without the building materials.

I think you could eat more total calories just by raising protein and not necessarily put on fat. Something like 250g protein 200g carbs and 100 fats would be 2700 calories. If needed reduce carbs to 150g which would be 2400 calories. I wouldn't decrease to 150 carbs unless you're getting rly fat. Where you don't have a base of lean tissue it's going to be difficult for you to add muscle without fat bc ur metabolism just isn't going to cooperate imo. I know that doesn't sound technical and sounds very bro science but I'm just basing that on personal experience. Alternatively you could do 300g protein, 150g carbs and 100 fat.

I get my protein from a combination of egg whites, whole eggs, chicken breast, salmon, Talipa and whey. The only reason the whey is in there is bc with my schedule I don't have time for all my snacks/meals to include meat. My carbs come from a banana, blueberries and jasmine rice. A couple of servings a day of vegetables.

Add in a little steady state cardio of say 30 min post training on the treadmill is never a bad idea either as long as you're eating enough to support it.

Just make sure protein is higher than carbs in this stage of the game for you.
Hi matt90, thank you so much for your suggestions! Do you think my amount of workout is too much or too little for me?
Hi matt90, thank you so much for your suggestions! Do you think my amount of workout is too much or too little for me?
@zooo3000 I think @the_alcatraz laid it out for you here

I also said it, your protein is WAY too low you need to drop carbs under 50 grams and increase protein over 250grams
have you made the adjustements?

you can keep training hard but you need to eat
Hi matt90, thank you so much for your suggestions! Do you think my amount of workout is too much or too little for me?
I wouldn't be comfortable saying sir. I'm not a coach so I'm not experienced in making those sorts of calls. If you're recovering well from the time of doing a body part from the time you do it next then you're probably not overtraining. If you aren't getting at least a little sore after n intense session then consider upping the load for the particular muscle group in question. That would be my only thoughts on it.

I trained for a long while on my own and made decent progress then I got a coach. My progress after getting a coach is SO much better. The progress I make in a month with a coach would of took me 4-6 months to make on my own. Just something to consider :)

Thank you! Do you think my gear dosage is too high or it’s alright? I’m currently on Test E 600mg, boldenone 600mg, 300mg weekly. Oxandrolone 50mg daily
Bold can is fine typically you see between 300-600mg a week with that, test you can run at 600 typically you see between 200-500mg a week ( if you are doing fine and have no unwanted estrogen issues you should be fine ( hopefully you have AI on hand or already running and AI for estrogen) OX is fine at 50mg a day typically you see guys will take it 1 hour before you work out if you have 25mg tabs you can take 25mg before the gym and the other 25 in the evening.
I think you just need more time bro
Boldenone started to work only on 3-4 week
Primo also
I always recommend at least 16 weeks of those compounds
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