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PSL Article ORAL BLEND Anavar-30mg/Stanozolol & And Cutting mix PLUS 300mg SUMMER CUT STACK WOW!!

@~Vision~ var and winny the BEST cutter
My god, brother Man isn't it? It is such an amazing combination and the best part is no one needs to use a lot because they're both so complimentary that you can get away with even using the ratio of 20/20... 40/40..

Last but not least believe it or not people do not need a lot of winny, It's actually probably most effective and shines the most when used between 15-35mgs...

Man all of these guys using 50, 75 or 100 or even 150 is ridiculous, I'm equally as guilty for doing the same. But over the years I found that using a maximum of 35 or 40 is more than enough and people can use as little as 15 and that's more than enough. This is actually a trick that I've learned from an old school bodybuilder that was absolutely dynamite... We used to nickname him City.. He didn't look big with his clothes on, he looked fit and you can tell he lifted and some people could tell that he maybe had some size but once his shirt came off he was ripped like a Ninja turtle.. And he looked dynamite and he sworn up and down on Winny at 25mg and bold at 300 and test at 300... I was calling bullshit for a while and I got to know a really really good personal friend of his Even though City was a friend of mine. His close personal friend told me the truth and he said that he wasn't lying..
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