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  1. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 43 - Anavar (Oxandrolone) injecting it or oral profile discussed. Hardcore 43 - Anavar (Oxandrolone) injecting it or oral profile discussed.
  2. I

    realistic female goals PED’s

    I'm looking at seriously trying anabolic steroids I know some guys that my gym are using them and have encouraged me to try them I’m looking at trying anavar oxandrolone maybe 5mgs a day. should I try 10 or 15 mg and then back down on the dose or should I start low and work my way up I'm 46...
  3. E

    Doing a mild cycle this time

    I'm 43 years old 6 ft 1 in 206 lb I did trenbolone and had good gains. this time I'm looking to use something that has less side effects What do you think about this stack? Equipoise 500mgs a week 50mgs anavar/oxandrolone per day Testosterone enanthate 120mgs a week
  4. O

    What to use with anavar female

    I’m a female who is 5’6’’ and 135 pounds. I am going to try anavar oxandrolone 10mgs a day for 6 weeks my question is what do I need to use with it in terms of drugs, supplements or anything else? also is it okay if I drink coffee with the anavar or do i just take it with water
  5. JimAbs43 480 Oxandrolone show 36 cycle results from taking Anavar. 480 Oxandrolone show 36 cycle results from taking Anavar.
  6. H

    Test + var stack

    looking to use a simple testosterone + anavar oxandrolone stack I’m 32 years old 3rd time using steroids 1st time using anavar My goals are to go from 210 pounds to 220 but want Lean results, not fat 400mgs testosterone is my plan with 100mgs a day anavar.
  7. B

    Final tips for my first steroid cycle

    Does anyone have any final tips for my first steroid cycle I’m 5’1’’ and petite, around 108 pounds I'm doing this to get a little more strength until I give me an edge in the gym My boyfriend got me anavar oxandrolone. He says to use 5mg a day then bump it to 10mgs after 4 weeks can you give...
  8. J

    Is anavar the best for females?

    I'm looking to cut down as a female My stats are 28 years old 5’4’’ 139 pounds I just started working out at the gym again and I met up with a guy there and we've kind of been talkin. He uses steroids and he's very smart with them. he recommended I try anavar/oxandrolone because its okay...
  9. V

    Six pack abs and steroids

    my goal is to get six pack abs. Never had them in my life and would love to walk down the beach with everyone looking at me I have two steroids and I have my eye on anavar oxandrolone and winstrol I plan on following a low-carb diet and I plan on doing daily cardio I'm very serious...
  10. J

    Female Max dose of oxandrolone

    I am looking to use oxandrolone/anavar. I heard that the max dosage for females it's much lower for men which seems logical to me but I'm not sure what that number is I have a female friend who said she's used up to 40 or 50 mg a day with no problems but I'm not sure if maybe she was using...
  11. D

    Hello nice to meet everybody seems like a nice place

    I am a female and I weigh 146 lb @5 foot 8 I've always been athletic and I have a lot of muscle for a female I'm wondering about running anavar/oxandrolone. this will be my first time. What would be the best dosage 5 mg or 15 mg?
  12. H

    getting pregnant on anavar

    I just finished up a 4 week cycle of anavar oxandrolone and was doing 15mg a day. I’ve also been taking birth control now we want to have more kids and how long do I need to wait after the anavar to get it out of my system and what are my chances ?
  13. T

    GW and/or anavar run

    Looking to lose fat I’m 5’7’’ athletic but holding some fat in some parts of my body. Not polite to ask a females weight but I will say I look good looking to use either gw cardarine or a combination of anavar/oxandrolone. How would you structure this?
  14. O

    Joints hurt on anavar

    I’m a female, first time using anavar oxandrolone I’m using 5mg a day I'm noticing my joints hurt on it especially on days where I am lifting a high volume issue is mostly in my shoulders, knees, and elbows. Not sure if it's tightness in the muscle causing it or something direct but it's...
  15. J

    Female acne from steroids

    very worried about getting acne issues running anavar/oxandrolone I have heard some bad stories about that with females should I load up ahead of time with any creams or vitamins to help offset the acne. What are some tricks. I have very oily skin as it is
  16. L

    What to add to anavar

    I am debating what fat burner to add to my existing anavar/oxandrolone 10mg a day protocol I’m a female 28 years old 145 lb want to drop about 10 to 15 lb Been training 5 years I talk to other women that Train hardcore and there are suggestions were T3, DNP, or ECA. I'm not going to take all...
  17. E

    Using energy drinks with steroids?

    Is it safe to use energy drinks with steroids as a smaller female? I only weigh 110 pounds and am very petite. My height is 5’1’’. I work as a teacher so i like to drink an energy drink in the morning to get my day going dealing with screaming kids all day heh. I also want to use...
  18. C

    anavar use for females

    I ordered anavar/oxandrolone online and they are 10mg pills. Should I split up the pills and run 5mg a day or should I just do the whole 10mg EOD. I’m 5’2 133 pounds body fat is 25% looking to cut down and add strength
  19. A

    Should i stop anavar?

    Female 5’5’’ Using anavar/oxandrolone. Good stuff. Taking 10 mg a day and I am on week 4. I went to the dentist because I had swelling in my mouth and he said I will need to have wisdom tooth surgery next Friday. Should I stop the cycle now ahead of it or should I just keep going
  20. A

    IUD safe for anavar?

    I am using an IUD Mirena which is in my uterus as birth control. I've been doing this for 4 years and it has work good for me Since I have a lot of unprotected sex with different men. Please don’t judge. I was wondering if using anavar/oxandrolone would interfere with it since it is...
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