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Approved Log UGFreak ParaPharma Log - Testosterone Cypionate and Primobolan

Hate to see it come to a close but glad everything went well. Can’t wait to follow the next journey
Thank you brother for backing me the whole way I truly appreciate that. I hate it is over already as well seems it went by so fast, the next journey will be a blast and a fun one with what I will be stacking and running.
@Topps_Baseball88 we are waiting for your new log, coming?
Indeed I already have my second cycle planned out and the compounds I will be running for 12 weeks, officially starting my road to the state log and logging my journey for trying to make it on stage and win some shows, for now it's back to trt and updating that log till it is time for my second cycle and log to get underway.
October 18th 2023 I wanted to share the before cycle photos and after cycle photos.

i feel in 12 weeks and running a mild cyxle of test and primo from para pharma, i have made ridiculously good results for running a total of 625mg combined with test and primo.

I am currently back down into trt ad today marks the first day for 5 days after last injections for my cycle closing.

i am back on my prescription compounding testosterone cream whixh has to be administrated daily at 70mg a day to keep stable and constant levels with it being in and out of the system so quickly.

Felt weird not injecting after 12 weeks of doing it x2 a week.

I will be going back to updating my original trt log untill it is time for my second official cycle which will start my journey of trying to step on stage in the next 1-2 years and compete in amateur men's physique.

Gonna try and up the cardio into 5-6 days a week instead of 4 while I wait 12 weeks to hit my 2nd and final cycle of the year.

Competition or not i can't compete if I don't do this correctly and keep my health at the forefront and keep my cycles low-moderate.

i dont know what the future holds for me in the world of competition, i have the fire and the drive to try be become a champion one dayz no matter how long it takes, my first vision is the road, my second vision getting to the stage, my 3rd vision win and befome a champion at every level of competition i am able to make it into with my vision and goals.

I will post a workout update tonight in my trt log after work and after complete my workout tonight
Topps 💪
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