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Approved Log UGFreak ParaPharma Log - Testosterone Cypionate and Primobolan

Surprise Everyone! The big news I've been hinting at on my current log on EF is a brand new log with the help one of the best sources in the game UGFreak! and utilizing the power house brand Para Pharma!

i posted down below my TD photo made possible by UGFreak!

UGF is excellent on all fronts, I was completely taken care of from start to finish, All questions answered in detail in a timely manner lighting fast shipping. I can't praise UGF enough with how greatly i have been treated. I will forever support UGF, I am blown away by how accommodating UGF truly has been A+ on every single front!

I need to reiterate none of this would be possible with out the major support from UGFreak! I owe UGF my gratitude and a humble/sincere thank you. I am truly grateful for the opportunity.

I hope everyone is as excited for this log and new journey as I am! I've been working for the opportunity to accomplish this part of my fitness journey.

Before i embark on this journey i wanted to thank all the vets and guys who continue to teach me, help me grow and learn and the continued support with my log and goals, and everything you all have shown me, it drives me to be better do more and achieve the best version of myself that i can, so thank you all đź’Ş

( sorry for the lengthy opener, i need to be as detailed and transparent as possible for all of you so i can get the proper support and guidance moving forward )

Cycle breakdown/Length 12 weeks

Weeks 1-3
Testo C 250= 200mg
Primobolan= 200mg
Combined weekly total= 400mg

Weeks 4-7
Testo C 250=250mg
Combined weekly total=500mg

Weeks 8-12
Testo C 250=250mg
Combined weekly total=550mg

Arimidex in 1mg tablets
.5mg Monday first weekly injections
.5mg Friday second weekly injections
( plan was checking total test free test and estrogen mid cycle and adjust dose if needed up or down)

as always if I am missing anything or something you vets catch that i could do better on i am here for the constructive criticism.

After cycle is completed I will do more blood work as I already Have super recent bloods to compare before and after with.

I will drop back down into my daily trt dose of 75mg testosterone cream applications after cycle is completed and take 3-6 months off and only run Trt.

No point in being greedy as longevity is key for me.

I like to ease into this slowly by starting low I can see my bodies tolerance for both compounds this way.

I like to keep my dosages at or slightly above 1:1 keep it simple after bumping up small amounts as the cycle goes on.

If no unwanted sides or issues occur of course, I won't be foolish with this if I notice anything really off I will listen to my body and back dosage down on both compounds as needed.
whats there website for para pharma?
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