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Approved Log UGFreak ParaPharma Log - Testosterone Cypionate and Primobolan

great job man you are definitely taking things to the next stratosphere
Thank you Steve for the constant support and believing in me that means alot to me and I am still humbled and grateful for all the support.
Thanks to everyone that keeps talking positive about UGFREAK and the high quality Para Pharma, which we are honored to offer.

Specially Topps_Baseball88, you keep being such a grateful and humble person, always appreciating we got you these products and always showing love. Much love and respect brother! Thank you for all that you say and you are doing great job with the gear for sure!
I forever will be grateful to you and you believing in me enough to trust me to do the right thing with it. I know it's not easy doing that especially these days.

I gave you my word months ago that I had your back I would do right by you and I was going to go all in on this and show myself and the community I have what it takes.

It was super important to me that I back my words and prove to you I was not wasting your time and that I was worth it and would represent to the best of my abilities.

The para pharma difference is 100% real I proved that with my log and showed what it can do for you which is what I set out to achieve and show.

Respect is a huge thing for me and showing appreciation, you have helped me realize that I can and I will be stepping on stage one day in physique to try and win a show and be competitive.

Para pharma truly changes my entire perspective on what I can possibly achieve one day, now we contiune the momentum and try to chase the vision I have for myself.

I just wanted to show my appreciation for you helping me in my journey it means alot to me and has helped me in countless ways during these 12 weeks.
What I like about this is Topps is about ready to take the next step!

And the journey so far was with UGFreak and ParaPharma!
Indeed I am preparing myself in the mental aspect to achieve the next step, I have the vision, I just need to plan the steps and execute so I can complete what I want to complete in the future.

Ugfreak has been instrumental in helping me see the potential I have and what can be possible one day with giving me the opportunity of running para pharma, it made all the difference.
para pharma is truly #1 is high quality service. look at what this gear did to topps!
I agree 1000% without para pharma and I wouldn't be on my current path and undertaking the journey I put myself on, para pharma helped me see the vision fully with what it did and the difference it made over these 12 weeks.

The quality of gear lights out, the quality of service and support A+ everything start to finish with UGFreak was truly a fantastic experience and I am forever grateful for this experience and for the support and help with being believed in.
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