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test cyp and anadrol cycle log.

It does make it feel like a waste, but unless you seriously injured yourself, keep at it. I've had to stop a cycle because of a shoulder dislocation. Just take a little break from all exercises that involves shoulder movement like chest, back, shoulders. Maybe do some rotator cuff exercises with 3-5 lb weights. Its pays to be on the safe side. You can concentrate on other muscle groups, legs, calves, abs. Hell even maybe some forearms. You have to watch out for the increased strength, it will probably make you feel as if you can lift a house although you shoulder might not be ready. take it slow. best of luck bro
thanx slim, ill wait a few days for any swelling to go down before i attempt any rotator cuff exercises, im taking cod liver oil and glucosamine to help any tendon and tissue damage. i was lucky enough thhat i was still warming up, although on the heavier end of warming up (40 kg dbells) any heavier and i would prob have done some proper damage.
sorry to hear about the shoulder dislocation. hopefully this isnt too serious. ill prob cancel all upper body work this week and just train legs as usual. haha i wouldnt train forearms any more, they grow like weeds even off the gear.
i was wandering if you guys might have any advice on best rehabing shoulder to help speed recovery, ice, heat stretching etc?? or just complete rest till i can do rotator cuff exercises.
cheers. on a side not water retention is starting to show a little around my neck and face now. i know its just water but im enjoying the pumped up feeling.
no problem bro. I've delt with nothing but shoulder problems and countless doctors and physical therapists. I'm not a doctor so I couldn't tell you what really happened to your shoulder and the best way to approach the rehab. when I worked with Physical Therapists, almost all fresh/new injuries would be treated with ICE. NO HEAT especially if its inflamed. Heat just increases blood flow to the area and will only agitate it while inflamed. Heat would only be used for comfort after someone is comfortable doing rotator exercises. If you have some electrical stimulation to get the muscles pumping, thats always fun and shown to improve recovery, but thats for immobile parts after surgery and such, but it cant hurt. Apply cold to the hurt shoulder as much as you can while it is still inflamed/sore to move. Give your shoulder rest for the time being till you feel your ready for light rotator cuff exercises. Therabands work best for rotator injuries.
Remember not get ahead of yourself. Trust me I've been there thinking its all good, and then juice pushes me beyond my limits and then bang, i'm back to square one.
I forgot... I read a study recently that said, Ice followed with heat helps the recover faster than Ice alone. Although I'm skeptical. Every Physical Therapist I've ever known has always used Ice. Heat SUCKS. ICE is the way to go whenever there is an injury.
sounds good, ill keep using ice, avoid the heat treatment till pain is all but gone. keep the supplements up to provide the nutrients for recovery. not sure the ice is going to do much though cause its right in the rotator cuff from what i can tell, so icing the delts the cold will prob struggle to get through to the joitns itself. cant do any damage tho
shame im not on deca, that would have been handy for the shoulder, but deca hates me, i blow up with water more on 200 mg/week of deca than i do with as much as 750 mg/week of test and it makes my nipples sore almost instantly.
No, Ice will help. Ice and Anti-inflammatories such as Advil. It doesn't have to be surface pain for ice or heat to help. Ice decreases blood flow to entire area including rotator cuff injuries. Most shoulder injuries are rotator cuff injuries.
well lads, good old leg training today.
diet was a little over shot today, im sitting at just over 5,000 calories already with another meal to go, all clean calories though so wont do any harm on bulking cycle, just got really hungry today. feel great on the drol, feel like im being pumped up, will find out 2moz with my weekly weigh in, and might do weekly pictures to watch progression on the gear.
feeling very coky on elgs today so pre-exhausted quads with leg extensions, for 5 sets, then knocked out 3 grueling sets of 10 with 160 on squats then moved on to hams. must say the weights felt very comfortable today on the joints, wasnt expecting the drol to have much of an easing effect on them. got horrible pumps in my lower back squatting though, felt like it was going to explode.
shoulder is starting to feel much better as well, started rotator cuff exercises and stretches to keep thigns moving as well as keeping the icing up. keep yas posted.
weighed in this morning forgot to do it yesterday before eating, so it wouldnt be a fair weight. 165 lbs this morning that a pretty decent increaser of 5 lbs, i know its mostly water weight, but its still ncie feeling that little bit bigger.
havent posted in a few days, so keep updated.
still gradually gaining weight and strength on cycle. more so on chest shoulders and legs. usually its my back that gets stronger first on gear. nice change!!
my knee's felt great during my last squat workout so i decided to bring my strength levels back up a little and managed to squeeze out sets of 4 reps at 200 kg, (proper depth of course). not bad since i havent squatted over 170 in three months.
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