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test cyp and anadrol cycle log.


New member
I'm running near enough the same cycle mate. Simple but effective!

800mg test cyp ew
100mg week 1-4 anadrol ed
20mg nolva ed

I've always run deca along with test in the past but I thought i'd try it without this time.(mainly to see how much the deca has contributed in the past)It's also my first time on anadrol, always used Dbol as a kick starter before. Coming to the end of week 4 and have been suprised with the results of the drol on me.(gone from 200pound to 209,BF level at 12%)The weight increase has been good solid gains though, no water trouble, very vascilar appearance when training and great pumps and a big strength increase. I've had no sides what so ever as yet.Now i know that drol is a mixed bag depending on the person but it has seemed to agree with me. Alot of people put alot more weight on than that in 4 weeks with drol but you need to realise that I have kept a ripped appearance and not blown out with water weight. I'm also now starting to feel the good sense of well being as the test cyp is kicking in as well.