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Approved Log Slyder 2024 cut cycle

If I could stay busy I could eat less. I use to work in the field with my hands. Plus being outside. But know I am inside office a lot more. It is a different world. Being in charge has its draw backs. Life is full of trade offs.
Lifting weight is physically difficult. But I like that part of my journey. I always say that lifting is not the hardest part.
Eating well, mental fortitude, ambition and just showing up at the gym. That’s the hard part.
Once you concur those then it’s just work.
PED’s are not miracle meds. They just enhance what you do. No work equals no gains. Hard work equals success. Success looks different on everyone.
Example is me. People ask if I take anything. I proudly say yes. With that said I do not blow up and get huge. It is not in my genetics. I still cry and whine about it, we always want what others have. But I am proud of what I have accomplished. I am happier because of it.
I am trying to finish my life happier and more positive than my prior years!

I am my own kind of Greatness!
Great work
nice volume on your leg work
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