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severe acid reflux (gerd) put me in the ER

my main worry is you went to the emergency room and we still don't know exactly what happened
hopefully you are okay but the guys are right it's better to keep in touch and post updates so we can see the red flags ahead of time
i have no updates other than what i just typed.

what exactly do you want to know? ive changed nothing about anything for the past 10 years. All is exactly the same. the only thing i missed noting is what i just typed in my last reply about mixing.
@nygiants you saying you told us all your diet and all your training EVERY day in 1 post? I think we need to talk more
I dont think so and if you have your training not changing there are real issues with what you're doing
diet not changing? i doubt it
many things you didnt update, your injection schedule and so on
we need you to update the log if you want to keep going otherwise you just jumping in and out
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