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severe acid reflux (gerd) put me in the ER

@nygiants hard to say whats going on to be honest. Seems you have resolved some of it and got the bottom of it but can you tell us why you refuse to update your log?

you started the log and did no updates, we all supported you and backed you but no updates
for many months now, can you at least come back and update your log for us? and keep updating so we can avoid issues for you long term
i have no updates other than what i just typed.

what exactly do you want to know? ive changed nothing about anything for the past 10 years. All is exactly the same. the only thing i missed noting is what i just typed in my last reply about mixing.
the reason we recommend people update their Log's

is it's easy to diagnose issues as soon as they happen when people do that
definitely update your information by getting a log up and going
this way we can track each one of your injections and if something is off we can give you more eyes on the situation
more eyes is always good

no different than coaches on the sideline who are working on making the team better

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hope to see a log out of you
i'm really looking forward to reading it and helping you more
detail your info in a log
like full diet, full training
when you inject, what you inject etc.
we don't have the full story so hard to really help here
I don't feel like we know exactly what happened
that is going to be the key to coming to a full conclusion as to what happened here
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