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Approved Log SARMS Testosterone Log


Came in for a little extra aesthetic work.

Incline bench

10 x 135

6 x 185

3 x 205

2 x 205

(No spotters around so had to play it safe)

DB shoulder press(I push them out like Ys, was told long ago it really works your delta giving you that aesthetically pleasing look)

10 x 50

8 x 55

5 x 60

Cable cross overs

11 x 40

11 x 40

Superset with cable flyers

11 x 40

11 x 40

Super set with cable low chest raise

11 x 20

11 x 20

Tricep extension machine

15 x 120

12 x 130

7 x 130

My weights felt good. Felt nice and fatigued after it and my tris had a vicious pump after the tricep extensions.


5 min walk 3 speed,2 incline

30 second sprint 9.9 speed, 2 incline with 90 second walk at 3.5 speed and 2 inclined X 3.

Then I said what the hell and cut the walk from 90 seconds to 60 seconds and dug deep for another 7. For a total of 10 sprints

5 min walk, 3 speed 0 incline

And an image for Mr Mustang

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@CodeNameDuchess Nice updates bro....good progress so far.....
this will be an epic log going forward
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