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diet and exercise going well. extra rest day this past week but have had good hard workouts. legs in a while today and monday tuesday rest days by default and work schedule. giving blood tuesday afternoon. blood pressure has been up but nothing crazy. i'm sure my hematocrit is high as heck which it always is on cycle.

seems like i am holding water. thought i'd seen it building for a couple weeks and now i can really see in in my face, hands, fingers, ankles, belly. the only things i've changed were adding the mk677 and a little extra fish oil. should i cut the mk back to half dose of the 20mg that i take every morning? anything else come to mind?

thanks bros
You're using an AI right?
I have wondered about estrogen levels. My dick is slow to rise and tires out quickly the last couple weeks. Not like earlier when I would roof every house in the neighborhood with it.
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