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Approved Log Post Op Log


EF Logger
As some of you may or may not know I had emergency intestinal surgery Oct 29. They took a foot of large and foot of small intestine. Had 3 big tears that filled me up with fecal matter and was septic. Damn near didn’t make it, 3 days icu and 9 days in hospital total. Full release and have been exercising slowly the last 2 weeks. Ripped open my abs right down the middle is about the worse part. Lost almost 30lbs total, still down 20. Ok, now that you’re caught up enough crying and here goes my post op log.

Get back to pre surgery strength, endurance and weight. No extra fat, good lean muscle gains.

6’, 185lbs, 53 yo, lifting 2.5 years, walking and cardio only prior last few years. I have caught the bug and fucking love it. Always been tall and thiner and getting some mass and muscle gets my dick hard. Lol I guess I didn’t know what working to failure and working hard really was. But I’m learning!!

Protein 150-200
Fat 60-80
Carb under 200
Whole Foods, lots of chicken, protein shakes, steel cut oatmeal, brown rice, not enough veggies, mostly high protein high fat and low carbs has always worked well. Boring yes, effective yes…
ish,,, fucking holiday season. I don’t cheat too bad but again, worst time of the year to buckle down right, after almost dying, yes, I will have a small piece of fudge lol. I’ll do best I can and clamp down hard after my trip to see family next week.

Push Pull Legs and rest on 4th day
Starting slow obviously, started half weight half reps or normal but increasing both as I go over the last two weeks. Abs are the worse but compared to where I started they are healing and I’m working more on them everyday even if just a little.

Prescribed trt of .3/ twice a week. 200 test cyp. .
.5 astrozole twice a week
50 iu gonaderellin m/w/f

Post op plan A
Started last week
300 test e split into twice/week
150 deca split into twice/week
20mg proviron 10 morning 10 afternoons
.5 astrozole twice a week
3.3 iu ghg everynight an hour before bed on mt stomach.

Will also be transitioning from gonaderellin to HCG once I’m out of gonaderellin in another week or two, probably 250-500 iu two to three times a week. Probably 2 now and three when real cycle starts.

Will run plan A until mid or later jan and then switch straight into plan B.

Plan B
Test p/npp/proviron/ maybe anadrol to kickstart, tbd.. and ghg 3.3 ed. advise please

What am I forgetting? I’ll do the best I can keeping up the log with the crazy schedule the next 4-6 weeks, appreciate all advice guys, thank you for everything!!

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overall you are fine I would get out of HCG but rest looks good, and aromasin better then arimidex but arimidex will do fine if you have it on hand already

do your best to LOG journal for us we are waiting
we support you dont give up and stay powerful on this LOG
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