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Not losing weight after insulin cycle

i think he needs to see a doctor mental health
no insult I mean seriously go

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183kg or 83kg?

this is a hard one

if you use hgh and insulin you'll likely cause very serious body damage so dont do that

i would first deal with high prolactin and ask doctor to go on TRT, start there

stop using DNP if you on it, you can get hurt or die

It's 183kg (58-inch waist).

Start with a diet
I have injected insulin few years ago with hgh
I used pre workout and post workout

Now I stopped traning no dieting (but not eating too much)
Now my body weight is 183kg
I'm unable to stand or walk properly
I tried to lose that weight by lifting weights but I'm not losing weight
Is there any way to lose weight caused by use of insulin hgh steroids ?
Dnp also not working for me
Please help
My belly size is 58 inches
Also my neck and skin is getting darker
Also itching
Also I'm on anti depressants
My prolactin level is high
My blood sugar is normal

bro yo a big boy. my cousin yo size. he die from heart attack last year after covid. be careful
If you are not losing weight then you are simply eating the wrong foods and too much of them. Focus on clean whole foods. I would also get thyroid checked to rule out any issue there.
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