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2nd cycle: test e + primo and how to effectively run pct after?

course you need to take a PCT after a steroid cycle. It's very important to make sure that you recover properly
get a log up and going let's hear more about you
Primo is one of my favorites 500 mg is what you need. I would not stack Masteron with it it's kind of pointless here
but we need a log journal

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we have 100 years of experience just between two of the guys on here advising you above
Between all of us it's a thousand years of experience
but if we're going to give you the best advice we need to know more about you with a log
get a log up and going. List your full stats pictures, tell us more about your history, tell us more about what your goals are.
Without a log how can we give you the best advice?

Very important to learn more about your history and what your goals are. And yes you definitely need a PCT
I'm like your friend I don't do PCT. But I'm a professional and I get paid to do it. If you are new to this you definitely need to do one
check out para pharma from ugfreak
they have the best Primo you will find. Keep in mind Primo is fake a lot even if your friend suggests the place
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