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N2 Stim ... finally a fat burner that won't screw you up


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By popular demand N2-Stim is finely here and with a new name. N2-stim is formally known as Lipostim, yet has changed it's name. A full year in the making and we are as excited as the rest of you. The most powerful non stim fat burner every created. The ingredents in N2-stim are well known and have a proven track record for buning fat and energizing the user. All day or just for late night fat burning N2-stim is your best choice for burning fat .

Key Attributes of N2-Stim
  • Once a day dose for all Day Fat Burning
  • Endless Positive Energy and Appetite Control
  • Multiple Pathway Fat Burning Technology Matrix
  • Positive Mood, and sense of well being All Day
N2-Stim Contains: Serving size 1 capsule 112 capsules per container
Ingredients: N2-stim blend 475mg
1,3-Dimethyl-5-amine (Mineral Salt Derivative of Geranium Oil),Thiamine Trisulfide Butyrate (TTB),Black Tea Extract (Polyphenois),Yohimbe HCI,Synephrine HCI,Tyosine Ethyl Ester, Actyl L-Carnitine,Propionyl L-Carnitine HCL

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I've heard great things. I'll be using this in Jan/Feb if I need to shed some poundage before the spring/summer.
I started this today I took 2 am and 1 pm and have had plenty of extra energy not jittery or shakey and have barely been hungry all day. Day 1 great product so far.
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