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  • Hi
    thnak you so much for your detailed response :)
    it was so nice to recieve some great advice!

    so i went to buy the suppliments you suggested from the Orbit site and it didnt allow me.
    my bank cancelled my credit card and said the site was a fraud?
    i have tried contacting Orbit.. emailed three times - rang and the number didnt work?
    so i dont know what to do..
    i really thought that this is an honest web site?
    ANyways, hope yopu can clear this up for me.
    i really wanted to purchase quiet a few bottles for my mate here in Aust. NO luck
    thanks heaps :)
    Dude didn't even see that message you left me so sorry about the delay. I apologize. I am in the video but I didn't shoot the video. My buddy Ben who does all the cinematography is in charge of that, and I've since asked him what was used. He hasn't answered, but I believe the Cannon 7D and 20D were used. Sorry I can't be more helpful than that but as soon as I find out I'll let you know for sure man.
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