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N2amp.. check this supp out .. NTBM gem


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You have a mission: To crush the weights in the gym everytime you step to the bar.
You have a goal: To make every workout better then the last and force your body to build more Size,strength, and endurance.
This is the long awaited revamped product formally known as Amplify-02!!!
Now you have a Weapon for these goals. N2-Amp the most powerful N.O.2,Blood pumping, vein popping, muscle engorging, Kill that Sh*t product ever created. Designed to give you maximum mental focus and insane vascular muscle pumps infused with super strength. Amp yourself to a new level of Killing that Sh*t with N2-Amp!!!
N2-amp contains: * capsules per serving 20 servings per container
Niacin 56mg
Magnesium(as Magnesium asparate) 56mg
Sodium(as Sodium Cloride) 400mg
Chloride ((as Sodium Cloride)600mg
N2-Amp blend 3544mg
Creatine ethyl ester,Caffeine,Acetyl L-Carnitine,L-citrulline(as L-citrulline HCI),DMAE(As DMAE Bitartrate), N-Acety L-Tyrosine, Alpha lipic acid, Propionyl L-carnitine, L-Ornithine(as L-Ornithine HCI),L-Arginine Ethyl Ester (as L-Arginine Ethyl EsterHCI),13,-Dimethylamlamine, Idebenone, L-Norvaline, Syephrine (as Syephrine HCI),Vinpocetine, Yohimbine (as Yohimbine HCI).

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What is this jean guy talking about??

Anyways N2amp 4 caps + 1.5 scoops of n2kts is my STAPLE preworkout.

Get this and treat yourself to an arms or chest/bi day. Look at the PUMP brothers.
Personally I took this without the n2kts and didn't like the way I felt on it. Went back to my no xplode... I was surprised because I'm a huge supporter of n2bm and love the products. This one just wasn't for me.
only side i got was stim dick post workout.

what did you feel noodles?

Shrinkage, and... Kinda hard to describe... Like I was on pills... Like a low dose of Ritalin or something. Kinda "go lucky". Didn't feel like myself. Def didn't have a rush of any sort and no pumps. Got in the gym and just felt weird. Tried it 3 times before I called it quits and felt the same way every time.
Some people swear by it, that's what made me buy it, others stick to what their used to. I'm always trying new things to find "the next best thing". Tried c4, redline, speed stack n.o. (this one was pretty good I use it when I don't have no xplode) and obviously I stay with n.o. Xplode. That just works best for me. People get amped off of different feelings that these supps bring them tho. For me it's some dmx and no xplode in the gym. Maybe a little rage against the machine too and I'm in a fuckin zone. Lol
I had stim dick from this but ntkts + need2amp is a sick pre workout ! Destroy everything! Except for the pussy that I went home to, couldn't destroy that which is not like me!

Ride it like you stole it!!
Just to be clear that whole shrinkage thing does not last. At least for me anyway. It is gone within a couple hours post workout.
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