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  • Hi There! Yup,staying busy as! I need a vacation, thanks for the shout!
    Use the code ORBIT109 its always good to use. Helladrol is just out of stock, should have more early next week.
    OK, I'll let you know...we were supposed to get together on Feb 1st but we haven't spoken for a few weeks
    Funny you say that, I have a friend who's a Masters BBer and judge, he's gonna work with me on a diet too
    Not a lot is new but everything is exciting, my career is going great as well as training.....I've been on here pretty much every day, sometimes I don't always post because these guys get on my nerves with stupid questions after a while but I'm on all the time.....good luck with the home search
    man igf is a long term thing some leaning out is notices but most effects are not realized for months due to the fact that the ew muscle fibers are not mature and being reproduced and grown but i would guess the bi's and tri's chest ect would be an ok place to inject to hit your abs
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