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If You have not experence Amp your missing the best pumps you can get

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"you have to try it" doesn't really answer the question of how its different from any other preworkouts considering they have the same active ingredients. Not that i'm a fan of any of them that contain DMAA, which has been proven in studies to actually constrict blood flow. But then again i understand you have to promote the supplements
Those guys are right on when they say you just have to try it to believe how good it is. It is by far the best preworkout I have ever taken to. I only use 6 caps preworkout and the energy and intensity I get are incredible.
You keep referring to "other" pre-workout supplements but you don't mention any specific one, so your not helping your cause by trying to differentiate between those and n2amp. Some might contain dmaa but there might be other compounds in the supplement that isn't in n2amp or the dose could be different, there are a ton of different situations that can come from these scenarios. So instead of going round and round, why don't you list a few pre-workouts you are thinking about so we can make a proper comparison and tell you the actual differences.

On another note, non of us here have any reason/requirement to push/promote these products. We chose to do so because they work. I am not a rep for needtobuildmuscle just like most other people on this board.
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