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N2stim, interesting product.

Nothing will make you burn fat directly except "certain" aas and lowering your caloric intake....
All these fat burner pills do is suppress your appetite so you dont eat as much food, when you dont eat much food your calories will drop and you burn fat..

I have a better option that can save you lots of money, just increase cardio and decrease calories slowly especially carbs..
i dont take anything and i have droped 9lb of pure body fat in 5 wseks while maintaining strength.. All i did is do low intensity cardio for 30min post workout (5 times a week) and drop back on carbs, i still eat carbs in every meal but in a much smaller amount, while eating lean protein in every meal..

Just a thought..

well sorry but you posted your pics before and frankly you had a lot of fat to lose so your story is believable and you should focus on losing a lot more fat cause you are way overweight.

this product is for guys who are hardcore bodybuilders and want that extra edge. NTBM products are marketed to those people, these aren't GNC products. you don't need to mess with this stuff right now regardless so you are correct.
Hey steve, you say no stims. Now I am kinda sensitive to stims, an I have anxiety, I'm a mess. Lol. Can I take this with say my coffee and not feel anything?? I've taking some fat burners in the past an got that Niacin flush hot red face and fast heart beating throughout the day. I really didn't like that bro. So my question is really, can I take this pill an feel nothing??? Thanks for the help bro!

if you have anxiety then you shouldn't be messing with coffee either my friend. get that sorted out. i also hope you aren't messing with AAS either. stay clean and get balance first before messing around with anything.

i suggest yoga, meditation, prayer.. whatever it takes to get a balanced mind. we all get anxiety and its normal, i remember in college i would get stressed before an exam or if i had to turn in a paper. my scholarship was dependent on keeping a certain GPA and it stressed me the hell out. i'm a prop trader for the past dozen or so years so you can imagine the stress i deal with everyday. but working out and throwing shit around everyday after work and using yoga and meditation has really made it easy. good luck
Shit! I should of ordered this instead of atomic tabs, and rocky road whey. Until next time. any reviews on it yet?

Would love to see some results pics

*cough shirlene* :)
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