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  • Needto,

    I am not sure if you will respond to this, but I hope you do. I just ordered some of the Forma. I am on my first cycle currently. I am 6'8" now about 291. I am about 14 to 16 percent BF. In addition to the forma I also ordered N2Guard and HCGenerate. The above I am unsire of the dosage and when to take them. Below is what I am taking currently.

    Test 400 - 2cc (1cc x 2 pins weekly)
    Test Enthanate - 2cc (1cc x 2 pins weekly)
    I will take these for approx three months or until I run out.
    Then I will start with the below:
    Test Cyp - 2cc (1cc x 2 pins weekly)
    Equipoise - 3 cc a week (pinning three times)
    PCT - Nolva one pill a day

    The others I just bought after reading all of the reviews and seeing recommendations from Wolfpackalpha. Let me know if you can help.
    Hello needtogetas,

    My name is Armando and I am currently 315lbs. I am 5'10" and 30 years old. Here is a little background on me. I was a high school football player and wrestler. I kept a pretty active livestyle up until May 2007 when I had surgery to reconstruct my ACL and Meniscus. I was not allowed to walk for 2 months. I gained a lot of weight. I ballooned up to 360lbs. Since then, I have taken up cycling and crossfit. I have been dieting ok. I would like to know if you could help me out with a meal plan to make sure i stay safe during my weightloss and high intensity cycling and crossfit. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Hey Needto - currently waiting for a response to my PM regarding my gyno symptoms and treatment. Would appreciate a response when you have the time.

    Hello Needtogetaas,
    I'm new to the board but reading this forum for the last 2 years. A little history about myself, I'm 50 years old, 5'11, 175 lbs, approximately 10% body fat. I did my first cycle in 1986, back then it was decca and d-bol. Those were the Lee Haney, Gaspari, Mike Christian days. PCT back then was novaldex and HCG, and I never had any issues. I did 2 shows, the Natural LA 1990 ( i was natty for it just did Clen so maybe not so natty) took 2nd place in the novice class. Then I did and NPC show the Excaliber in San Diego. got my ass kicked and I was done competing. I went natural up until 3 years ago when I started TRT. 170 mg a week. Last year I did an 8 week cycle of tren e, 2cc week, took 2 months off, then 8 weeks of EQ, 2cc week, 8 weeks off, and then 8 weeks of Primo, 2cc week. That's about it. I hear great things about you, so if you don't mind every once in awhile I'll pick your brain.
    Hello Needtogetaas,
    How are u? I`m new in this Forum and its look very good. Thank`s for the warm welcome!

    Greets Newcomer-x! :)
    Hey thanks for the warm welcome,all this ispretty new to me still, as are aas. On my 2nd cycle and been taking testosterone again for about 2 months and want to stack a few things with it, but I cant afford anything else with the T, and want to start home brewing the T so I can afford some other gear but there are so many scammers I justcant seem to pick one and be confident with supply, and honestly I am freakin exhausted of looking, any advice on raw testosterone
    Hello mate I need some advice cuz am basically fuckd I took sus and deca and anadrol did a pct of clomid and nolva but still gt gyno got a lump under my right nipple size of a grape been taking letro 2.5mg for 15 days and upped the dose to 5mg and on 17th day now lost sex drive joints are clicking but gyno remains exactly the way it is Plz HELP
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