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Approved Log My Sustanon Deca Durabolin winstrol cycle log

Welcome, you have some great sponsors here .... ;-D
Very interesting about Deca for the side effect of Winstrol.

What do you plan exactly ?
I think oral Win are the good way start at 30mg daily one time + liver supplement (i love milk Thistle at 80% silymarin 30% silybin) and after 1 week see if your joints / tendons are OK , and if you want UP to 40 ... Etc. . but 30mg are a good spot.
Maybe start the Deca and wait around 4-5 weeks to start the Winstrol just my opinion.

I have a body weight AT around 90 to 100kgs depend the period and 30mg Winstrol give incredible energy physic and mental + hard vascularity but drain a lot, so supplement with magnesium + potassium to help the back pump and some other side effect.

Taurin at 7-10g / day help a lot too
Coq10 + Fish Oil for the lipids / heart and try to eat only good source of lipids with low saturated fat.
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