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Approved Log My lifestyle Diet Training Prep log

Got up n nice and early and did chest and triceps. Workout details below:

Dumbbell bench 12x35 10x45 6x55 6x55
Hammer strength incline 12x45 8x65 8x65 8x45(dropped the weight to 45 here and skipped the rest period)
Hammer strength chest press 3x8 45
Machine fly 12x90 12x90 10x90 12x60(skipped rest period and dropped to 60)
Cable tricep push down 3 sets of 12 at 70 and last set of 15 at 40
Cable tricep extension 3 sets of 12 at 50 pounds and 1 set of 20 at 30

I did the tricep work at the end very slowly. Felt like my triceps were going to explode and it felt amazing. The last set for both of those were done even slower. About to make breakfast and will post up some pictures later today.
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