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Approved Log Mobsters UGFreak ParaPharma 1 month Trenbolone cut Log

the diet is starting!
But I just did the first jab. So the actual diet starts on the 1st (this Friday) and will run all of that month. But I just did the first jab Wednesday night. 1.5ml of PP's Cut Stack 150. So that equates to 225mg total (Testosterone P 75mg/ml, Trenbolone A 75mg/ml, Drostanolone P 75mg/ml). In smooth like a knife through hot butter. So far zero PIP. Right now the plan is 3 jabs a week but I MIGHT go to EOD (a little under 800mg a week). It'll be down to sides and or PIP

Arm day @ Powerhouse. 30 mins total. Huffed n puffed. Nice full pump

Alt Dumbbell Curls
10kg per x 12 reps, 15kg per x 12 reps, 20kg/44lbs (new weight on this plan) 5 x 8 reps. I work on the contraction here. Then dropped to 7.5kg/16lbs x 20 reps


Triceps on Bi/Tri machine
zero weight x 20 reps, 20kg x 12 reps, 40kg x 12 then 55kg/121lbs x 5 x 9 reps

Tricep Pressdown on Multi-angle pulley machine
stack x 20 reps

Bwt: 327.5lbs - 4 week diet starts tomorrow. Pics at the gym tomorrow
keep the diet comin to us we keep you locked
Friday am
Meal prepped some food yesterday. Second pin of 1.5mnl other quad (lower this time). Breakfast is a cup (most of my carb measures will be with the same cup) of protein granola (I rotate cereals so this was just today's).
Playing the Quad game I like it 😎 you reminded me I got some meal prepping I need accomplished tonight.
Diet (all approx).
Well under what I could eat according to thre lowest est but I was not hungry. The last meal was tedious - chicken (herbed) and rice (kinda dry). I need to fix that.

Kcals: 2319
Pro: 157.1g
Carb: 208.6
Fat: 54.9

Over 8000 so killed that
Definitely got the steps in and we always the same with the calories u are a little higher than I am but not by much, what is the height for you unless you posted and I missed it.
Woke at 3am. I managed to get back to sleep around 4am.

Diet: Need to up kcals (aim for 2500kcals for now) and protein (push to 180g for now)

KCals 2116 and protein 146.2. Deffo gonna eat more Sunday

Hit 8000 steps (3rd day in a row)

Woke at 2am. Took ages to drop back off. If this is 'Trensomnia' you can keep it

Another jab x 1.5ml (approx 75mg each Tren A, Test P and Mast)
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